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Love Crystals: Which Crystal Do You Need For What Kind of Love?

By Simone | 6th February

For Valentine’s Day this year we decided to do what we do best: celebrate our shared love for unique and hard-to-find objects. To do so, we asked some of our passionate experts, sellers and users a couple of questions about what makes them tick. Our archaeology & natural history expert, Peter Reynaers, was so enthusiastic that he instead wrote something about the origins of Valentine’s and this entire guide on crystals and their deemed effects. Nevertheless, we think it’s interesting and worth sharing! Together with his fellow experts he also curated this special Valentine's Selection. Over to you, Peter.

Okay, a crystal won’t mend a broken heart nor will it magically bring your soulmate directly to you. But there are a lot of crystals and minerals out there many cultures believe to have a positive influence on some aspects of our love lives, and not just diamonds -- the one crystal we associate with an everlasting love (although maybe this is just because it makes for a great engagement ring). No, there are more crystals out there that are believed to help ignite that spark of energy necessary for your love and your soul.


Diamonds are the crystals that embody lightness of being and promote strength, invincibility, courage, creativity, and imagination and increase the energy of all other crystals if you combine them.

Rose Quartz for Universal Love

Rose Quartz is the most well-known of the “romance crystals”. It’s supposed to open the heart, make you more empathic and boost your caring instincts. It is a stone that attracts love and cleanses the heart. It also teaches us to be compassionate and to show that same compassion to others.

Kunzite for Self-Love

This is the ultimate crystal to help strengthen self-love, perhaps the most important love of all. Kunzite has the potency to take away your inhibitions and help you let go of self-critical thoughts.

Haematite for New Love

Haematite, an iron-ore type, represents inner force, optimism and self-confidence; exactly what you need when you go into the world of dating. Dating can be fun and exciting, but can also drain you of energy and difficult. This stone will give you feelings of courage and safety. When worn as a piece of jewellery it could give you more stability and enhance your attraction.

Ruby and Garnet to revive an “old-flame”

Ruby and Garnet share the common ability that can give a boost to a relationship. So if you are looking for more passion in your life, then simply having one of these stones on your bedside table can make a huge difference. Because of their colours they are associated with romance and are can also help you with your sensitivity. These stones can both re-vitalize love between partners and provide more intense feelings. For having in-depth discussions about your relationships, red and rare crystals help you create the right atmosphere.

Emerald, Jade or Aventurine for Platonic relationships

These green crystals are very popular for jewellery and that’s not just a coincidence. These stones bring balance and harmony in relationships with other people while you pursue your own happiness. These stones have an illuminating effect; a nice boost for everyone’s social life. Whilst emerald will promote kindness, jade will help you focus and attract a wealth of love. Keep aventurine stones near you to benefit from their “winning energy”.

You will also find many more of these Energy Stones in our Minerals New Age Auction.


Peter Reynaers fell in love with archaeology when he was just four years old when he went on an archaeological dig with his father. When he was a bit older, all of his friends were reading their comic books, but he was reading about Tutankhamun instead. After almost 30 years of collecting, he got the opportunity to turn his passion into his profession, and he grabbed it with both hands. Now, as an expert at Catawiki, he gets to do what he loves most on a daily basis. He believes the history of a piece stands out the most and is always on the lookout for interesting stories to share with the world.

Just as passionate about archaeology and natural history as our expert Peter? He and his fellow experts curated a special Valentine's auction for you this week, which is worth a visit. 


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