Catawiki Partner Network: interview with eRowz, our top publisher

By Paulina | 24th April 2019

eRowz is on a mission to bring order to the chaos of buying and selling online. To do so, the Belgium-based company collects second-hand objects from all over the world and brings them together in one single place. Some examples of their websites are for-sale.co.uk, used.forsale, site-annonce.fr, in-vendita.it and gebraucht-kaufen.de. We sat down with eRowz to discuss the Catawiki Partner Network, affiliate marketing models, mistakes, tools and techniques.

What do you think of Catawiki’s current affiliate marketing model?

Catawiki works very well for eRowz as it allows us to suggest highly qualitative and sought after second-hand products to our users. Since eRowz is a platform that makes it easier to search for second-hand products, the Catawiki program matches perfectly with what users are looking for on eRowz sites.

eRowz works with quite a lot of affiliate programs, like eBay and Amazon, and therefore we are in a good position to compare. The strength of the Catawiki program is the fact that it has highly qualitative products for sale that get a lot of interest from users which means: high CTR. Since Catawiki has become an established brand it has become a trusted platform and clicks convert well to purchases. As a result, the commissions per click are very competitive compared to other platforms. What we like as well is the strong will to move forward from our account manager at Catawiki. This has helped us to double our clicks in the past year.

What affiliate marketing mistakes have you made and learnt from in the past year?

Our Catawiki clicks have jumped through the roof in the past year because our Account Manager pushed us to review our implementation. I didn't think of making the changes because I didn't have a proper view of the possibilities of the Catawiki program. This is just because I didn't take the time to go through reporting and reconsider if the implementation could be improved. If publishers would have more possibilities to analyze faster and have more freedom in what they can implement (API) they could create better implementations. Our advice here would be that if you don't have the information needed to optimize a partnership at hand, go and get it instead of moving focus to something else.

What affiliate marketing techniques and tools do you enjoy most?

We are really fond of API integrations. They allow for deep integration of affiliate data in our platform as you can filter exactly what you need, retrieve all fields you need, adapt crawling frequency per category... These might seem like small optimisations but they make a huge difference in terms of relevancy.

What do you think are the most important traits for an affiliate marketing professional?

A deep understanding of internet marketing and specifically: SEO, social media, and paid search. These areas are where most traffic on the web is these days. A good understanding of web technologies like HTML and JS are also important as it allows for much more creativity in how you can build solutions for our users. Lastly, the ability to analyze and understand data helps you make better decisions and shift resources to where they bring the greatest value.

What trends do you think we can expect to see in the affiliate marketing industry in the next 1-2 years?

Affiliates have to follow consumers. If consumers are more and more on mobile and using social media like Instagram, then the successful affiliate marketer of tomorrow will be the one that understands how those new platforms can be used to their advantage.


Interested in joining the Catawiki Partner Network yourself? Sign up here or check out the support centre for more information. We hope to see you join as a partner soon!

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