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5 Extraordinary Christmas Gifts You Can Get on Catawiki

We all know which time of the year is approaching again - it’s Christmas! And with all the lovely things like Christmas lights, cozy evenings with the ones you love, lovely food that you always regret eating so much of on the next day, there comes the time to pick out the gifts for the people closest to you. When you know someone so well you tell yourself that you can choose a gift easily, but it seems to get harder year by year. Here at Catawiki we might have a solution for you! We want to show you how to think outside of the box and present to you 5 awesome and unusual Christmas gifts you can get on Catawiki!

1. A dinosaur tooth

A dinosaur tooth could be a great gift for one of your history-loving friends or an awesome addition to your grandparents’ collection of curious items. There are also plenty of other fascinating objects in our fossils auctions, such as ammonite fossils, mammoth teeth or megalodon teeth. It’s up to you!

2. A meteorite

Giving a piece of the universe to someone you love is a pretty special gift. Meteorites come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours, that you’ll definitely find something that just feels ‘right’. Visit our weekly meteorites auctions to find the right one!


3. A memorabilia piece

We all have that friend who is crazy about a movie, actor or artist. At Catawiki we host weekly auctions full of super collectible memorabilia pieces! From gold records, movie props, signed items, clothes worn by their favourite artists to signed artworks, posters and photographs, we bet you can find something special that would make someone scream from excitement.


4. A game console, but not just any game console

Why not take your Christmas gift choice further this year and get something totally unpredictable, like a Pinball machine! Visit our slot and vending machines auctions and make your bold choice!

5. A diamond

What better way to say "I love you" than giving someone a diamond? In Catawiki's diamond auctions you can find diamonds in different shapes, colours and sizes. Any of those diamonds can later be made into beautiful pieces of jewellery, but they are also as elegant and special just as they are. Take a look!

Those are just a few ideas. Picking a Christmas gift can be a real pain. Explore Catawiki's infinite possibilities of special collectible items here!

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