The Top 10 Most Legendary Cars on Film

In most films and TV series, distinctive vehicles are used, often for promotional purposes. Sometimes these cars are so remarkable that they are even more famous than the film or series itself. We've compiled the top 10 most legendary cars to hit the cinema or television screen - see if you recognise them all! 


10. Ferrari 250GT California: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Bueller? Bueller? When Ferris Bueller decides to skip school one day, he convinces his friend Cam to let them "borrow" his dad's Ferrari for their adventure to the city of Chicago. Who wouldn't want to cruise around in a Ferrari? Lesson learned: if you're going to skip school, go big or go home!


9. GMC G-15: The A-Team

When you think of The A-Team, you think of B.A. behind the wheel, famously shouting: "Nobody drives ma van but me!" We pity the fool that had to mess with his road rage. This van can't be excluded from the countdown.


8. Herbie The Love Bug

It's not the size of the car in the fight, but the size of the fight in the car! Herbie's first appearance in The Love Bug in 1969 ensured the Beetle's popularity in America. In 2005, Disney decided to make another film about this tough bug. They purposefully used the old model of the Beetle No. 53, and again the film was a great advertisment for the Volkswagen Beetle. 


7. Batmobile: Batman Begins

Of course the car of superhero Batman is in this list, even though the wheels are just about the only thing that makes this a car. With 340 horsepower from a 5.7 liter V8, the engine is not that fast, but by jet propulsion it’s capable of high jumps.


6. Dodge Charger: The Fast and the Furious

Driven by Dominic Toretto, this Dodge from The Fast and the Furious is just that - fast! It has increased considerably and is one of the fastest cars on this list.


5. ECTO-1: Ghostbusters

The ECTO-1 is possibly the most remarkable and unique car on this list. How often does one run into an ambulance equipped for ghost hunting?


4. The KITT: The Knight Rider

Micheal Knights KITT is an indistructable car with tons of cool gadgets. Fun fact: In February 2016 an exact replica of the KITT was auctioned off on Catawiki!


3. Aston Martin DB5: Goldfinger

What legendary car list isn't complete without a James Bond car? Not ours! Aston Martin also developped due to the success of the James bond films. The DB5 was Bond's car in the blockbuster Goldfinger. Racing around corners and full of special spy gadgets, this car became legendary on its own. 


2. Dodge Charger General Lee: Dukes of Hazzard

Cousins Bo and Luke Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard had a certain "reckless" reputation, and their Dodge Charger named General Lee was always a part of their escapades. It's known everywhere for its bold orange colour, police chases, and long jumps. All the cars used in long jumps during filming were retired because of structural damage on impact. 


1. DeLorean DMC-12: Back to the Future

We say DeLorean, you say Back to the Future - or vice versa, of course! The time-travelling machine/car of Dr. Emmet Brown and Marty McFly is, without a doubt, the best car in film history. Fun fact: the time machine was originially conceived as a refrigerator, not a car. We're certainly glad that didn't make it past editing!

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