Huvudjägarehalsband (kalabubu) - Södra Nias - Indonesien - Kokosnötsskal

Huvudjägarehalsband (kalabubu) - Södra Nias - Indonesien - Kokosnötsskal
Indonesien - 2000-talet

A 'kalabubu' was always worn by men and was once reserved for head hunters and warriors. The round shape is made of coconut disks combined and finished with either brass or golden lock piece. The golden variants from North-Nias, known as 'Neftali-tali', were exclusively worn by high ranked men, on festive occasions like the Owasa fest. Unlike those from the north of Nias, which are finished with gold, the southern examples like this one are finished with brass.

Measurements including stand:
Height: 39 cm
Width: 25 cm

The standard will be shipped along as part of the Kalabubu.

- Kalabubu will be shipped with Track & Trade code via DHL Parcel. You will receive this code when the parcel has been posted. You can track the status and location of your parcel, as well as the expected delivery date with this code. You can find this information by entering your Track & Trace code under 'Shipment Number' on
- If you have questions about the status of your parcel, the current location and the expected delivery time, it is best to contact DHL Parcel directly via Messenger on Facebook.

Huvudjägarehalsband (kalabubu) - Södra Nias - Indonesien
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