Oleificio Melfi - Extra virgin olivolja - 2 - 5 l burk

Oleificio Melfi - Extra virgin olivolja - 2 - 5 l burk
Tonda Iblea - terra ragusana - Sicilien - Italien

Our oil comes from a very ancient tradition. It is produced exclusively by pressing tonda iblea olives, a typical cultivar of the area, harvested manually from mostly centuries-old trees. It is characterized by its intense green colour, its scent and unique organoleptic characteristics.

The oil produced is stored in steel silos and is packaged after natural decantation. It goes well with meat, fish, legumes and cold dishes, intensifying their aromas. The company:
Chiaramonte Gulfi is a small town in the province of Ragusa, Sicily, located at 668 meters above sea level. The oldest olive trees of the Chiaramonte area date back to the Arab period. In fact it was the Arabs who planted the first trees, solitary or in groups. The spacing and layout of plantations were first applied in the 1800s.

There are four types of olive trees of Arab origin, that is tonda iblea, biancolilla, moresca and the alimena. The latter is a canteen olive that today has almost disappeared in the territory because it’s not very productive. The other three are present in the territory, even if time has selected the tonda iblea variety for the tastiness of the oil that comes from it, so unmistakable and precious.

For several generations the Melfi family has been dedicated to olive growing and the production of extra virgin olive oil. Already in the early 800s, when the first lines of olive groves began to be planted in the territory, the Melfi family was one of the first families of Chiaramonte to carry out this activity, equipping their company, since 1812, with two oil mills for the extraction of olive oil. Family documents attest to the company’s birth and development, as well as recognitions since in remote times.

Since 2008 the company has a modern continuous cycle system for the extraction of olive oil. The production is entirely from tonda iblea olives. The harvest is carried out by hand, and within the following 24 hours, when the olives are still green, they are cold-pressed with due attention, to avoid any alteration of the final product, and allow the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the oil, which comes of an intense green colour, full-bodied and of unmistakable flavour.

Antal flaskor
Typ av olja/vinäger
Extra virgin olivolja
5 l burk
Producentens namn
Oleificio Melfi
Typ av oliv
Tonda Iblea
Skyddad ursprungsbeteckning (SUB)
terra ragusana
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