Madrepuglia - Extra virgin olivolja - 4 - 500 ml

Madrepuglia - Extra virgin olivolja - 4 - 500 ml
Olio Extravergine di Oliva 100% Italiano - Apulien - Italien

A batch consisting of two 500-ml ceramic jars and two 500-ml bottles, each of extra virgin olive oil produced by Madrepuglia, ‘Olio d’Artista’, Puglia - Italy.

"Expanses of olive trees that flow along the plain until they touch the shores of the Adriatic Sea, this is Puglia, also called the ‘Paradise of oil’". Every year the wise hands of our olive growers produce one among the best extra virgin olive oil in the world."

Conica is the meeting between the art of ceramics and the Apulian oil art.
Conica is the brand-new design signed ‘Olio d’artista’ Madrepuglia that guards the precious extra virgin olive oil preserving the flavours and scents of the fruits of Puglia.
The ceramic orcio is made and painted by hand by the master potters of Puglia, an authentic artwork for style and content.

Size: 500 ml.
Intense aroma.
100% monocultivar Coratina.
Drip-saving cap.

Originally from the city of Corato, Coratina is the best known olive cultivar in Puglia, and it’s cultivated throughout the whole territory of Nord Barese.
Its weight varies from 3 to 5 g and has an ovoid and asymmetrical shape. The oil from this olive is very rich in polyphenols and has a low peroxide content that makes it more resistant over time.
In the sensory profile of pure Coratina oil stand out distinct organoleptic characteristics and its intense herbaceous fruity aromas, with hints of artichoke and almond.
On the palate the bitter impact is powerful with a strong and persistent spicy sensation, that denotes the absolute presence of polyphenols, more than any other Italian cultivar.

Antal flaskor
Typ av olja/vinäger
Extra virgin olivolja
500 ml
Producentens namn
Skyddad ursprungsbeteckning (SUB)
Olio Extravergine di Oliva 100% Italiano
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