Chi Wara佳洁士面膜 - 班巴拉(Bambara)巴馬納(Bamana) - 馬里

Chi Wara佳洁士面膜 - 班巴拉(Bambara)巴馬納(Bamana) - 馬里
20世紀中葉 - 懷舊-已使用,連同可看見的穿戴痕跡

Height: 94 cm
Provenance: private collection, France.

Object collected in Ivory Coast by a French merchant, passionate for the mysterious “primitive” masks of West Africa.

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The social, economic and spiritual life of Bamana men, in southwestern Mali, is ruled by six initiation societies, collectively known under the name of Dyow (singular: Dyo). The six societies are the N'domo, the Komo, the Nama, the Kono, the Chi Wara and the Kore. A Bamana man must respectively pass through these six societies of initiation to be considered as a complete man, with a complete vision from ancestral teachings and traditions.

Each initiation society is associated to its own type of mask (mainly zoomorphic, that is, based on animal forms), including the Chi Wara (also named Ci Wara/Tyi Wara, meaning “wild animal at labour”), the agricultural antelope headdresses of the Dyo. The main purpose of the Chi Wara Dyo is to educate men on the best agricultural practices and to honour the Chi Wara, the cultural hero of the Bamana, who transmitted the skills of land cultivation to them. Members of the Chi Wara Dyo perform dances with masquerades, not only to celebrate the hero, Chi Wara, but also to ensure the fertility of their lands and to pray the gods for a good harvest. Celebrations are also used to publicly recognise the expertise of prosperous cultivators.

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Chi Wara佳洁士面膜
94×0×0 cm