Yashica Mat-124 G

Yashica Mat-124 G
Medium Format Camera, 雙反相機 - 好

The Yashica 124 G is a TLR camera produced by Yashica between 1970 and 1986. It was the last TLR camera produced by the company.

Specifically, the shooting lens is a Yashinon replicated from the Tessar scheme, which is of good quality and, according to many, indistinguishable from the real Tessar. (Yashinon 80 mm f/2.8; Yashinon 80 mm f/3.5).

Unlike many Rolleiflex imitations (Ricohmatic, Kalloflex, Seagull, Semflex Welta Reflekta) by Franke and Heideke, the Yashica 124 and 124 G are considered cameras of very good build quality. Their widespread popularity in the amateur market, and not only, means that today they can be considered a valid alternative to the Rolleiflex.

The exposure meter (lacking in the first Rolleiflex cameras) features a CdS cell (not a selenium cell as on the Rolleiflex cameras, which will need to be replaced in the future). The camera’s sensitivity ranges from 25 to 400 ASA.

The Copal SV shutter allows flash synchronisation at speeds from 1 s to 1/500 s plus B (bulb) mode. It features a self-timer option. It requires a battery to power the exposure meter, which I did not test.

型號/類型 號碼
Mat-124 G
Medium Format Camera, 雙反相機
120 / 220
Tested and working