Gioacchino da Fiore - Profetie... con Imagini in dissegno... & un Oracolo Turchesco - 1646

Gioacchino da Fiore - Profetie... con Imagini in dissegno... & un Oracolo Turchesco - 1646
冷門物品, 神諭與異端 - 數量: 1 - 附加頁面 - 書籍

Very rare illustrated edition of the "Vaticinia", a collection of medieval esoteric predictions by Gioacchino da Fiore.

34 magnificent and mysterious engravings, a cryptic series of prophecies about the end of the world, the Beast and the Apocalypse, attributed to the controversial medieval mystic Gioacchino da Fiore, connected to Nostradamus, who based some of his prophecies on the visions of the great monk. For some scholars, in fact, this is the "Lost Book of Nostradamus".

Two large wheels representing the various phases of the Papacy and the corresponding astral signs, without any caption and very difficult to interpret.
Finally, a "Oracolo Turchesco di gran Consideratione" with caption in an incomprehensible language. It depicts an Eastern Emperor who holds the sphere of the Sun and advances by trampling Christian weapons and scriptures, until " spada de i Christiani, per tutte le parti caccierà in fuga il Turco".

A full-page engraving of the mystic in his cave, as well as an engraving of him receiving a mystical light. The other 32 engravings include cryptic messages in Latin and Italian; with illustrations of strange animals including a unicorn and a dragon and other symbolic messages.
The last full-page engraving is a prophecy that tells the vision of Mehemet II.

Gioacchino's prophecies and this series of mysterious illustrations became famous all over the world after History Channel presented the research of the Italian journalist Enza Massa at the Italian National Library in Rome, where she found an unusual manuscript dated 1629, entitled: Codice Nostradamus Vatinicia. Michel de Notredame, the author's name, was inside with indelible ink. This manuscript, never published by Nostradamus, was passed down to the prophet's son and later donated by him to Pope Urban VIII.

The colour drawings shown by History Channel were remarkably similar to the engravings present here and more or less in the same order; controversially suggesting that Nostradamus based some of his prophecies on the visions of the great monk; and even more likely that this is actually the "Lost Book of Nostradamus".

More recent rustic hardcover with title on the front panel. In excellent condition, some stains on the first two sheets, but then bright pages with sharp and well-inked engravings. Pp. 96 pp. (recte 88) with 34 large allegorical woodcuts of Oracles on full page. Typographic brand on the title page. Text in Italian and Latin.

Gioacchino da Fiore (Celico, 1130 circa – Pietrafitta, 1202) was a mystical writer of the 12th century. Bibliotheca Magica della Casanatense. Br. Libr. I, p. 458. Other editions in Caillet, Dorbon-Ainé.
He prophesied the age of the Spirit, in a kingdom where conflicts are pacified, wars eliminated, and man regenerated by the unveiling of the mysteries of which he writes in this work.

A "socialist" ante litteram, forerunner of St. Francis of Assisi, he theorised a social structure where men find their place not on the basis of power or money or descent, but on the basis of their tendencies, character and status (contemplative people, active people, people dedicated to the family, the elderly and the sick, scholars etc.) under the peaceful guidance of an abbot.

The Monasterium hypothesizes a radical reform and restructuring that challenges the organization of the church, which in fact publicly condemned his ideas and works in the Lateran Council of 1215 and accused him of heresy.

His contemporaries considered him a prophet. He told of two mystical experiences that would have give him the gift of spiritual intelligence that allowed him to understand the profound meaning of history. He sometimes prophesied about contemporary events and the advent of the Antichrist.
Gioacchino’s works were popular in the 13th and 14th centuries; many, especially spiritual Franciscans, hailed him as a great prophet.

Dante places him in Heaven. The end of this book also includes some prophecies of the obscure and little-known Anselmo of Marisco, sometimes attributed to Malachia of Armagh, both from medieval Ireland.

Full title:
Profetie dell Abbate Gioachino, et di Anselmo Vescovo di Marsico con l imagini in dissegno, intorno a pontefici passati, e c hanno a venire. Con due ruote, & un Oracolo turchesco, figurato sopra simil materia. Aggiontovi alcuni maravigliosi vaticinij, & le annotationi del Regiselmo.
Gioacchino da Fiore (Joachim, Abbot of Fiore)
in Venetia, presso Christoforo Tomasini, 1646.

冷門物品, 神諭與異端
作家/ 插畫家
Gioacchino da Fiore
Profetie... con Imagini in dissegno... & un Oracolo Turchesco
拉丁語, 義大利語, 雙語
in Venetia, presso Christoforo Tomasini
232×173 mm