Cesare Giaccone - 巴薩米可醋 - 3 - 250ml

Cesare Giaccone - 巴薩米可醋 - 3 - 250ml
Aceto di Vino Barolo di Moscato e di Roero Arneis - Piemonte - 義大利

Lot consisting of three 250-ml bottles of very fine wine vinegar produced by CESARE GIACCONE, PIEDMONT - ITALY.

Barolo wine vinegar.
Garnet red colour with light ruby reflections.
Heavenly, intense and quite persistent scent reminiscent of withered rose flowers, mountain hay and musk.
Sour, delicate and fragrant flavour.
Austere, very pleasant and inviting.

Wine vinegar by ROERO ARNEIS.
Magnificent white colour with golden to amber reflections.
Pungent delicate scent with very persistent memories of honey and acacia flowers.
Delicate, full and mellow flavour.

Moscato wine vinegar.
Delicate amber colour with ancient gold reflections.
Aromatic bouquet that recalls the scent of zagara and sage flowers.
Delicate, very persistent taste of fresh fruit.
Unmistakable the musk aroma of the grapes from which it originated.

Cesare Giaccone began to produce vinegar in the mid-1970s exclusively for his restaurant. In fact, he was looking for a product of the Langhe region tradition that was increasingly difficult to find. At the beginning of the nineties he began to include it in some delicatessens, wine bars and restaurants of friends and colleagues, with the hope of making it widely known and exchanging opinions on a very important product for the Italian cuisine.

"I buy quality wines from excellent local producers with whom I produce these vinegars following the traditional system of the Langhe region, gradually pouring the wine in mulberry, oak and cherry barrels. In these barrels there is the ‘mother’ that allows the transformation of wine into vinegar".
Oscar Giaccone

Name of producer
Cesare Giaccone
Aceto di Vino Barolo di Moscato e di Roero Arneis
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