Acer Ginnila - 50×45 cm - 日本

Acer Ginnila - 50×45 cm - 日本
Formal upright (chokkan) - 盆: 10×22.5×22.5 cm

Beautiful Acer Ginnala (Amur Maple)

When the tree is in bloom, they are pink, but then turn dark green. In autumn, the leaves turn bright carmine red. The flowers are small, yellow-white coloured and smell honeyed.

The Acer ginnala is better known as the Amur Maple. When the tree is in the ground, this maple tolerates temperatures up to -35 degrees. As a bonsai, it is wise to protect the tree from frost. The bark of this species is already beautifully brown/ grey at a young age. The leaf resembles a cross between the Acer palmatum and Acer buergerianum. In autumn, the leaf turns to deep red/ orange.

The trunk is 7 Centimetres thick, the circumference of the trunk is 19.5 Centimetres!

The bonsai will be carefully and neatly packed so that it arrives at its destination in its full glory.

Species of tree
Acer Ginnila
Growing style
Formal upright (chokkan)
Tree dimensions (without pot)
50×45 cm
Width of trunk
7 cm
Origin of tree
10×22.5×22.5 cm