How can I find and be notified about items I'm interested in?

You can get updates about auctions and items that you're interested through setting up automatic notifications. This way you'll never miss out on your favourite lots or auctions.

There are several different notifications that you can set up:


- Follow an auction: By doing this, you will be updated every week when these auctions start and end. To follow an auction, go to the auction page and turn on the toggle 'follow this auction type' at the top left hand side of the page (under the auction name). Your followed auctions can be managed here.

- Favourite lots: If you're interested in a specific lot in our auctions, you can make it a favourite. This way you can easily find it again on your favourite lots page. We'll also notify you when the lot is about to close. You can manage your favourite lots here.

- Auction alerts: If there is something specific that you're looking for, you can set up an auction alert. By doing so, when we find a lot that matches your keyword in our auctions, we'll send you a notification. Click here to change or remove your alerts. 

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