Why can’t I bid in certain auctions?

Most auctions are open to everyone in the countries where we operate. However, there are some restrictions.

Country-wide restrictions

Most restrictions are due to country-wide restrictions. Bidders from countries mentioned in the following chart are restricted from participating in Alcohol Auctions, Rug Auctions and Militaria & Weaponry Auctions.

Militaria & Weaponry 
United States
United States
China (mainland)


Shipping delays and import restrictions

At Catawiki, we strive to deliver the best experience possible for our users. In some cases, we have limited participation for bidders in certain countries. This is due to shipping delays and import restrictions that adversely affect the buying experience.

  • Classic cars, motorcycles and scooters
    • Due to shipping restrictions outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), Catawiki has decided to limit these auctions to bidders residing within the EEA.
  • Arts & Antiques and Collectables
    • Due to shipping delays and import restrictions, bidders from China (Mainland) are limited to bidding in the Arts & Antiques and Collectables categories.

If you are bidding on objects from another country, we suggest that you  read this article.

Advertising restrictions

Advertising certain products is prohibited in mobile applications. For this reason, the category Weaponry is only available on but not on our mobile apps.

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