Shipping & Delivery
Who is responsible for the import of lots?

Buyers are responsible for verifying that they are allowed to import a lot and for the duties and taxes payable when importing a lot. Therefore, as a buyer, you must check if there are any specific rules applicable to the import of an object into your country. This concerns import bans and licenses, as well as rules on customs duties, VAT, excise duties and clearing charges.

Normal goods like textiles, consumer durables, handicrafts, electronics items, etc. are generally allowed to be imported and exported by all countries, although some countries limit the number of goods of certain categories that may be imported (e.g. for textiles). However, certain types of machinery and equipment, even if it is sold as a collectable, may require an import license.

Import of weapons is always covered by specific licenses, so please ensure you are able to import objects sold in the weapons auctions into your country.

Negative List
Most countries maintain a negative list of items prohibited from import and export, such as protected species or items of protected cultural heritage. These should be available on your government's website.
This is particularly relevant for items in the category of archaeology, antiques, taxidermy and Asian art.

There may be additional national import/export regulations for alcohol, which is relevant for items in our wine, whisky and rum & spirits auctions.

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