Buying and Selling
on Catawiki

Catawiki is the most-visited curated marketplace in Europe for special objects, offering over 65,000 objects for auction each week. Our mission is to provide an exciting and seamless experience to our customers for buying and selling special, hard-to-find objects.

Founded in 2008 with a mission to make special objects more accessible, Catawiki now offers over 600 auctions each week, across multiple categories such as collectables, art, design, jewellery, watches, classic cars and more.

10+ million

unique monthly visitors


objects submitted every day






languages and available in 60+ markets


of the objects auctioned are sold within ten days

Special objects, selected by experts

Every day sellers submit thousands of objects to sell on Catawiki. Our 240+ in-house experts review and select only the best to auction.

Each of our experts has years of experience and knowledge in their field. They follow strict guidelines and virtually assess all the objects before being approved for auction.

Over 1 million objects are not accepted on our platform every year in order to maintain the highest quality standards.

Our experts also provide non-binding guidance on value estimates of objects.

Each object also has an accompanying description on Catawiki, helping buyers to make informed bids. Ensuring that the object meets the description remains the responsibility of the seller.

Next to the expert’s curation, we provide a number of additional services to buyers and sellers to help ensure a seamless transaction and we charge a fee to both in return for this.

How Catawiki works

Weekly online auctions

Special objects on Catawiki are sold through dedicated weekly auctions which usually run for 7-10 days.

For Buyers

Bid on something special on Catawiki

Buyers are able to browse and bid on special objects from all over the world, across our different categories.

  1. Create an account for free

  2. Find something special

  3. Place the top bid

  4. Pay via our secure payment system

  5. The seller ships your new special object to you

With our secure platform, buyers can also follow their favourite auctions, see which expert has virtually selected the objects in auction, place automatic bids, and have full transparency on the number of bids and latest bidding amount. All auctions are supervised by a notary and payments are held in escrow until buyers receive their object.

For Sellers

Selling to passionate buyers on Catawiki

Catawiki allows sellers to reach an audience of over 10 million unique visitors from over 60 countries. Our expert curation results in fast sales, with over two thirds of the special objects in auction selling in just 10 days. Once the object is sold, our payment providers will handle all payments in a safe and secure manner.

  1. Create an account for free

  2. Submit your object for review online

  3. Get an expert screening

  4. Watch the bids come in

  5. Prepare to ship the object to its new home

Not sure what to submit? View our Submission Guidelines.

We are committed to the success of our sellers with dedicated account managers, experts and customer experience specialists on hand. Discover new ways to sell online with Catawiki with free listings, no hidden additional fees or add-ons, options to sell with a reserve price, and our Sell Your Collection local services.

Why Catawiki?

A Global Marketplace

We have operations in 60 countries and speak 17 languages so our customers always feel at home with us. We connect buyers and sellers across the globe while delivering transparency through public reviews, a secure payment platform, and a dedicated international support team.

Safe, Secure Payments

We work with payment providers to handle all payments in a safe and secure manner.

For Buyers: Catawiki holds your payment until 3 days after you have received the object or until the seller has confirmed the object was picked up and no complaint was received.

For Sellers: Once Catawiki confirms we have received payment from the buyer, you may ship your object. Our system will then confirm the buyer has received their purchase - based on a valid Track & Trace - and the payment will be deposited into your account.

Dedicated Support

In the rare event of an issue with your special object, our highly trained Customer Support team is on hand to help via the Catawiki Help Centre or phone.

Low Buyer Protection fee

In return for the services we provide to both buyers and sellers, we charge a seller fee and a Buyer Protection fee for buyers. Buyers are required to cover shipping costs and possible duties and levies where applicable.

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For more information on buying and selling on Catawiki, please see our Buyer Terms and Seller Terms.