Buyer Protection

Bid confidently with Catawiki’s

Buyer Protection

Trust is the single most important thing we work on every day. At Catawiki, you can bid with confidence, knowing that the objects are special and your money is safe. And if anything happens, we have your back.

With Catawiki’s Buyer Protection, we guarantee that:

Your payment is safe

We partner with trusted payment providers to keep your money safe until your object arrives. We only release your payment to the seller up to 3 days after delivery so you have time to inspect your object. If it isn’t as described, we’ll help you find a solution or give you a refund.

All objects are quality checked

Catawiki’s in-house experts virtually review and approve all objects in auction. This means only the best objects are sold on Catawiki.

All sellers are verified

We carry out all necessary checks before allowing sellers to auction their objects on Catawiki. This helps ensure you are buying from legitimate sellers who are committed to delivering high-quality objects and excellent service.

What is the

Buyer Protection fee?

To help us maintain our strict quality standards, we charge buyers a small fee on every Catawiki purchase. This directly supports our efforts in making sure your payments are safe, objects are reviewed by experts, and all sellers are verified. 

The fees also help support improvements to the platform – extra features, high-profile partnerships, and exciting new ways to discover the objects you love. That way, we can continue to provide a quality experience that you’ve come to expect from us.

To learn more about the Buyer Protection fee and how it’s calculated, see: What is the Buyer Protection fee?

Join millions of satisfied buyers

Making sure bidding is fair and enjoyable for everyone is our top priority. To do this, we have a dedicated trust and safety team who monitors the activity on Catawiki around the clock. Plus, all auctions are supervised by a notary official to ensure both buyers and sellers follow Catawiki’s General Terms of Use. And if you have any questions, our international team of over 200 in-house customer support specialists are available to assist you.
That’s why we’re trusted by millions of satisfied buyers and rated 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot - significantly higher than the industry average.