What is the Buyer Protection fee?

When you buy something on Catawiki, we charge a small fee at checkout. This is called the Buyer Protection fee.

Why we charge a fee

To help us maintain our strict quality standards, we charge buyers a small fee on every Catawiki purchase. This directly supports our efforts in making sure your payments are safe, objects are reviewed by experts, and all sellers are verified. 

The fees also help support improvements to the platform – extra features, high-profile partnerships, and exciting new ways to discover the objects you love. That way, we can continue to provide a quality experience that you’ve come to expect from us.

How it’s calculated

The Buyer Protection fee is 9% of the final bid amount plus €3. As an example, say the final bid on an object is €100. 9% of €100 is €9, and adding €3 means you’ll be charged €12 for the Buyer Protection fee at checkout. This is all inclusive of applicable VAT.

The final bid excludes shipping costs, which means shipping costs aren’t taken into account in the Buyer Protection fee calculation.

Other costs

Keep in mind there might be other costs you could be charged when buying a special object on Catawiki, like shipping costs. You can see the shipping costs of an object on the object page.

If you buy an object from an international seller, there might also be customs fees and import VAT

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