Special objects - the new gold?

AMSTERDAM, 24 October 2022 – Catawiki, the leading marketplace for special objects that fulfil people’s passions, publishes today some of its most remarkable price developments over the past years. With over 10 million special objects sold to date, and almost half a billion euros spent on Catawiki last year alone, Catawiki is in a unique position to study price developments of special objects such as watches, fashion, trading cards, comics, toys, wine, whisky and art, to name a few.

Below our most unique examples of the same objects that were sold on Catawiki and noted enormous price increases.

  1. Whisky Bottle - Macallan Edition No. 1

 €90 in 2017 and €4,100 in 2022. Total increase of 4455% and YoY increase of 862%. 

The market for whisky has become truly global and auctions at Catawiki attract visitors from more than 60 countries. Between 2018 and 2021, the price curve for a 12-year-old Macallan has been steeper than Tesla’s share price, with four out of five new collectors currently triggered by the investment component. Limited editions of Macallan sell-out in retail almost instantly. Even for experts and established collectors it is nearly impossible to get hold of a bottle.’’ explains Jeroen Koetsier, whisky expert at Catawiki.  

2. Football Jersey - Diego Maradona 

Sold for €510 in 2017 and €9,999 in 2022. Total increase of 1861% and YoY increase of 360%. 

Gustavo Radesca, Sports Expert at Catawiki, comments: “When Diego Maradona passed away in 2020, the prices of collectables associated with him and his 1986 'Hand of God' World Cup win, skyrocketed. Though a bit morbid, this can also be a strong predictor for value increase, for example trading cards of Brazilian footballer Pelé are recording price increases due to the 81-year-old footballer's precarious health situation.”

3. Saddle Bag - Christian Dior 

Sold for €70 in 2017 and €937 in 2022. Total increase of 1239% and YoY increase of 275%.  

Stefani Markovic, Fashion Expert at Catawiki, says: “John Galliano, Dior's creative director who introduced the Saddle bag in 1999, said "She's become a classic." Designed to ride into the new millennium, the Saddle bag gradually increased in popularity as it was endorsed by popular culture, and was characterised by recurring resurgences. Its relaunch in 2018 created a run on previous models, whose value skyrocketed. The Saddle bag is now a contemporary fashion icon, which has joined the ranks of other timeless classics that retain their appeal across generations, as the Birkin by Hermès or the Flap by Chanel.’’

4. Comic - Suske en Wiske ‘’Op het eiland Amoras’’

Sold for €958 in 2017 and €12,200 in 2019. Total increase of 1173% and YoY increase of 522%. 

“For comics a first edition is what determines the price of a product, especially when it was one of the earlier albums.’’ says Patrick Vranken, Comics Expert at Catawiki. ‘’In the 1940s and 1950s, only a limited number of copies were printed. Early editions in good condition are becoming increasingly scarce and collectors scour the internet hoping to stumble into the last unspoiled gems. The heightened competition regularly results in triple digit annual price increases for limited editions, as with this Suske & Wiske first copy in very fine condition.’’ he concludes.

5. Analogue Camera - Olympus μ II Zoom 80

Sold for €25 in 2017 and €270 in 2022. Total increase of 980% and YoY increase of 210%. 

Analogue cameras have increased in value in recent years. A growing scarcity, as these older products age out and are no longer manufactured, drives up the price, but a worldwide renewed interest in film photography is the main factor behind the price increase. This new-found interest is rooted in a feeling of nostalgia for technologies that deeply marked a bygone era. Historical brands like Olympus, Canon and Nikon have thus increased their value substantially over the years’’ comments Edwin Molenaar, Cameras and Opticals Expert at Catawiki. 

6. Panini Album - Women's World Cup 2011

Sold for €285 in 2019 and €2,083 in 2021. Total increase of 631% and YoY increase of 252%. 

Ugo Pelloni, Sports Card and Panini Expert at Catawiki, states: “In 2011, Panini released the very first Women's World Cup Album. These stickers were seen as a novelty when they were introduced at the FIFA Women's World Cup held in Germany that year. Over 10 years later and thanks to a relatively low print run - due to the assumption that there would be less interest in women's football and they were only published in Germany - these stickers are dramatically rising in value, constituting a real investment opportunity.’’

7. Burgundy Wine - 2015 Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru

Sold for €121 in 2020 and €662 in 2022. Total increase of 447% and YoY increase of 179%.

Bordeaux and Burgundy wines have long dominated the fine wine investment market scene. Often made in only tiny quantities, it is this scarcity which is one of the driving factors in the astronomical growth seen on the secondary market. Other important factors include of course the winery, the sub region or village (here Clos de Vougeot, one of the most famous Grand Cru vineyard areas in the Côte de Nuits subregion of northern Burgundy) and the harvest year: 2015 is among the top years for Burgundy wines.’’ says Patricia Verschelling, Wine Expert at Catawiki. 

8. Lego Set - 10182 Cafe Corner 

Sold for €660 in 2018 and €2,700 in 2020. Total increase of 309% and YoY increase of 195%.

The 10182 Café Corner was released in 2007, as the very first set of the Lego Modular Buildings series, and with a retail price of €150. Aimed at an adult audience, its 2056 pieces are designed to create a large building with a cafe on the ground floor and a hotel on the top floors. The ability of these sets to be combined with other modular sets, leads them to be always sought after by true Lego enthusiasts who are looking to complete the entire series of these wonderfully detailed buildings. Due to the rarity of the first editions nowadays, collectors are willing to spend considerable amounts on these sets.’’ explains Gerben van IJken, Expert Toys and Sports at Catawiki. 

9. Vintech - Apple iMac G3 PowerMac

Sold for €70 in 2017 and €260 in 2022. Total increase of 271% and YoY increase of 53%. 

According to Toby Wickwire, Toys Expert at Catawiki,Global demand for vintage electronics is growing rapidly, on Catawiki it has more than doubled in 2 years. Tech-savvy millennials are driven by nostalgic feelings towards the cult objects they grew up with, whilst having the purchasing power to afford them. Early Apple products are hence in high demand again, such as this iMac G3, which was the first iMac model ever made by Apple, and whose value is set to rise from here on.

10. Watch - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 14800ST 

Sold for €4,100 in 2018 and €14,500 in 2021. Total increase of 257% and YoY increase of 66%.  

Swiss classics' legendary models regularly launch new designs. By limiting the production span, artificial scarcity is created. For watchmaking icons like the octagonal Royal Oak, or the Rolex Datejust with its distinctive Oyster case, which remain loyal to the core principles of their enduring aesthetics, this creates a unique version of a timeless classic.” observes Berry Harleman, Watch Expert at Catawiki. 

New safe haven? 

In June this year, Deloitte and Credit Suisse published a study that looked at how collectables, such as fine watches, art, wine, fashion and classic cars, can provide investors with precious stores of value in times of elevated uncertainty. This study, in addition to our examples shown above, and combined with the current economic environment - with inflation predicted to remain high, stock market growth hampering and prices for precious metals dropping - shows the potential of special objects as a strong performing asset class, that investors could consider to diversify their holdings. 

What drives the value of a special object up?

We spoke to many of our in-house experts, who specialise in Art, Design, Luxury and more, and ensure that only the highest quality objects are offered on Catawiki. They all agreed on the following characteristics as potential value-increase predictors for special objects. 


The rarer an object is, the higher its value. A first release, limited edition or finite production, is a decisive value driver for a special object, which sets it apart from all its counterparts to follow, whether it's a print, production or bottling. 


When rarity in an object is accompanied by a unique feature such as a special collaboration or a precious detail, the value of an item will soar even higher. A red Submariner writing doubles the price of the Rolex compared to its counterparts with white ordinary writing. Similarly, a collaboration between two brands or the unique signature of a famous designer makes the item truly exclusive. 

Timeless Classics 

In each category of special objects there are models that are considered timeless classics. These pieces often boast features introduced specifically for them, and their aesthetics remain unchanged over the years, making them instantly recognisable. Their constant reproduction over time transforms them into a classic icon of the brand that first designed them, thus making them part of its history. From the Dior Saddle or Kelly by Hermès, to the Cartier Tank or Artemide's legendary lamps, these style icons retain and grow in value over time.

Popular culture

After featuring in the Netflix sci-fi show Stranger Things, Kate Bush’s 1985 hit ''Running Up that Hill'' re-entered global music charts' top 10 last summer. Thanks to taking pride of place in Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe in 90s comedy-drama ‘’Sex and the City’’, Manolo Blahnik has gone from being a brand to being synonymous with sexy and elegant stilettos. The power of popular culture is apparent and can lead to a surge in the value of objects when they get exposed to it. 


Products that were mainstream, mass-produced consumer goods in an earlier decade, and disappeared as outcompeted by technological innovations, appeal to a certain sentiment. People longing for a time-period that no longer is. This feeling of nostalgia can boost the value of given objects, be it vinyls, analogue cameras or vintech products such as Nintendo or earlier Apple devices. 

Existential value

Life is valuable, but in the world of collectables, death even more so. When a celebrity, artist or designer passes away, this leads to a run on items associated with that person. For athletes, movie stars and pop icons, this means a steep increase in demand for unique memorabilia with their image, signature or or owned by them, which can drastically increase in price.  

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