2022: Luxury items continue to surge, pop culture collectables in vogue

    Luxury items continued steady growth in 2022, accounting for almost half of Catawiki’s sales

      Sports, music and film-related collectables in vogue, growing by three figures last year

        Most expensive diamond, artwork and fossil ever auctioned on the platform, sold in 2022

          Artists selling highest amount of artwork ever on Catawiki, up 35% since 2021

            Inflation saw all-time high number of submissions on the platform

            AMSTERDAM, 2 February 2023 - Catawiki, the leading online marketplace for special objects counting over a million bids every week, publishes today its 2022 insights. Steady growth of luxury objects (fashion, watches, jewellery, whisky and fine spirits) was recorded, as well as pop culture collectables (spanning music, movie, sports and toys) topping the trending categories. Other highlights include some of the most expensive items ever sold on Catawiki, artists and creators turning to the platform like never before, and record submissions amid hard hitting inflation. 

            Luxury and pop culture boom 

            Upmarket goods accounted for around half of Catawiki’s sales last year, with fashion leading the way with over twice as many items sold compared to 2021. Other luxury collectables - sometimes seen as speculative goods - such as watches, whisky and fine spirits grew at double-digit rates, confirming the trend of buyers seeking alternative investments during uncertain stock markets and high inflation. Rolex was also the most set search alert by users globally, and Swatch the fastest growing brand on the platform in 2022, notably in demand due to its collaboration with Omega, with a twelvefold increase in sales compared to 2021. 

            Sports, music, film and animation, as well as Pokémon and Lego, ranked among the fastest growing themes for buyers on Catawiki in 2022, growing up to triple digits year-on-year. Music fans have been going crazy for signed memorabilia and official merchandise - representing 180% growth compared to 2021. Sports cards grew with over 70% and sports memorabilia, such as (signed) sport jerseys, photos, and relics, increased by a quarter. All things Pokémon and Lego were also trending on the platform, as well as movie and TV merchandise, such as (signed) posters, character figures and movie props, which saw an increased demand of 30%.

            Commenting on the rising interest in sports, Ugo Pelloni, Sports Cards expert at Catawiki said: ‘’Now more than ever, sport is playing a big role in mainstream culture so it makes sense that the number of sport collectors in Europe is also growing, with more expertise and awareness of this hobby spreading. Last year three key factors contributed to this boost: World Cup fever sweeping the globe, more big budget sports documentaries and TV shows being produced by the likes of Netflix, and the passing of sports star and cultural icon Pelé who frequently transcended into the realm of popular culture. We’ve also noticed an increase in popularity for women's sports which we're really excited about as we gear up for the 2023 Women's World Cup.’


            Slash's signed guitar, Michael Jordan's signed jersey, and a Panini Women's WC sports card

            Record objects and new markets

            Catawiki observed a high number of new users last year (45% of all bidders and 60% of all sellers in 2022 used the platform for the first time). Supply from Asia increased compared to 2021, with sellers located in Southeast Asia and Middle East growing sales by double digits year-on-year, showcasing how international sellers are increasingly using Catawiki to reach European consumers. 2022 also marked a record year with over 3.7 million objects in auction, and some of the most expensive items ever sold on the platform: a 6.07 carat diamond worth almost €200,000, a rare Kippenberger artwork sold for over €120,000 and a Pterosaur fossil, a flying reptile from the Mesozoic era, fetching a whopping €30,000. In December, Catawiki also sold its 15 millionth object, a collection of Dutch stamps that pays homage to the company's origins.  

            Artists selling on Catawiki - a year like never before 

            Catawiki's strategy of working directly with artists and makers worldwide kept bearing fruits. Artists turned to the platform as never before, with over 35% more artworks sold last year compared to 2021. Among the most successful exponents is German painter Christian Herzig, who jumped from selling a few artworks per year on Catawiki to hundreds last year. 

            ‘'This revolution to democratise the art world continues to grow. We are proud to continue offering artists and makers around the world a direct channel to reach an audience of millions of buyers to grow their recognition, revenue and visibility, whilst benefiting from the expert advice offered by dozens of our in-house experts.‘’ comments Cyrille Coiffet, Vice President Art at Catawiki. 

            Online auctions - economic lifeline in times of inflation?  

            With inflation hitting hard and cost of living rising sharply, people looked for alternative sources of income in 2022. Next to an increase in the number of objects submitted for auction throughout the year, the month of November recorded a record of over 450,000 submissions, the highest number ever, correlating to the double-digit inflation rate that marked the last quarter of the year. 

            Despite 2022 seeing a slowdown in the industry’s growth, we had over 3.7 million objects in auction last year, reaching an absolute record for Catawiki. This number shows how more people are turning to Catawiki, either to fulfil their passions as buyers or to boost their income as a seller. Buying special objects online is here to stay and we look forward to 2023 and all that it has in store.” says Ravi Vora, CEO at Catawiki.