Fashion,art, design, music and cinema lovers beware, the leading online marketplace Catawiki is joining forces with the famous actress and model Rossy de Palma to organise an exceptional auction celebrating the 90s from 26 May to 4 June. Part of the profits will be donated to the association Les Petits Bonheurs, which accompanies and supports people with HIV and AIDS who are particularly isolated socially and emotionally.

Spanish-born Rossy de Palma is known for her unique and unconventional look, which has made her a distinctive figure in the fashion and entertainment industries. This unique auction on Catawiki, co-curated with De Palma, will feature over 60 rare and unique objects that capture the essence of the cultural and creative boom of the 1990s in Paris, in the fields of contemporary art, street art, fashion, music, photography and design. 

Special attention goes to fashion pieces by the brand Xuly.BET of which 3 pieces on sale are auctioned by De Palma herself, and pieces by designers dear to her such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior. The auction represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of Parisian cultural history from the iconic decade.  


Protagonist of the auction is also the fashion label XULY.Bët, a fash ion brand created by Lamine Kouyaté and known for its innovative use of recycled materials and its celebration of African culture and crafts. On this occasion, the label is putting 4 of its creations on sale.


The 'ICONIC' green overstitched dress

Worn by Rossy in a film illustrating XULY.Bët's FW22/23 collection, during her sequence to bring her character to life, Rossy de Palma talks to an iguana in an alien language that she invented herself on the day of the shoot.

This dress was given to her by XULY.Bët after the shooting.

Date of the piece: 2022 

Reserve price: 315€.

The 'YSAORA' suit

For Lamine Kouyaté, the founder of XULY.Bët, this suit, which was previously kept preciously in the archives, is one of the most masterful pieces of this auction. Worn by Olympic fencing champion Ysaora Thibus during a fashion show in October 2020, the craze for this piece was immediate. It was later worn by Charlotte Rampling and Viola Davis, who were totally seduced by XULY.Bët's style.

Date of the piece: 2020 

Reserve price: €925


For the fashion conscious, pieces by Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose muse Rossy de Palma was, Vivienne Westwood, Mugler, Gucci and many others will be available for sale.


Vintage green silk jacket with leaves

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier blazer from the 1980s with a corseted waist and cut-out panels on the chest decorated with silk leaves.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Size: IT 42

Estimate: 750-850€.

Vintage silk jacket with maxi ribbon

Christian Dior vintage silk jacket in gold tones from the summer of 1991 with a fuchsia maxi ribbon and jewel buttons.

Christian Dior

Size: IT 40

Estimate: 500-800€.

Among the other objects available on the platform, buyers will be able to find objects such as a guitar signed by Kurt Cobain, a photograph of Nirvana signed by the 3 members of the band and many other pieces of design and contemporary art.

Ben (1935) - Amour

The artist Ben in partnership with the Daum crystal factory has created this piece in a very beautiful Amber colour. Delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Estimate: 1 200 - 1 400€


Rossy de Palma is a Spanish actress and model, born on 16 September 1964 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She is known for her unique and unconventional look, which has made her a distinctive figure in the fashion and entertainment industries.

De Palma began her career as a model in the late 1980s, working with brands such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler. She later became an actress, starring in films such as "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" and "Kika", both directed by Pedro Almodóvar.

Over the years, de Palma has become a popular figure in Spanish cinema and has also worked internationally, appearing in films such as Almodóvar's 'Broken Embraces', Almodóvar's 'The Flower of My Secret', and Nicole Kassell's 'A Little Bit of Heaven'. She has also appeared in various television shows and worked as a stage actress.

De Palma is known for her unique appearance, which she has described as "ugly-beautiful". She has embraced her unconventional appearance and has become a fashion icon, working with various designers and walking in fashion shows.


XULY.Bët (pronounced "Koo-lee Bet") is a fashion brand founded by Lamine Kouyaté, a designer from Mali, in 1991. The brand became known for its innovative use of recycled materials and the integration of African elements into its designs.

XULY.Bët gained international recognition in the 1990s, particularly on the Paris fashion scene, where Kouyaté was based. The brand's designs are characterised by bright colours, unconventional prints and shapes, and often incorporate denim, leather and other recycled fabrics.

In recent years, the brand has experienced a resurgence, with Kouyaté presenting new collections at Paris Fashion Week and collaborating with other designers and brands. XULY.Bët continues to be recognised for its commitment to sustainability and its celebration of the environment.