9x the most beautiful interior items for every room in the house

Great news for all interior lovers: Catawiki, the leading online marketplace for special objects, launched its unprecedented Rooms Collections. In these nine special collections, interior experts highlight unique gems per room for endless inspiration: from The Hobby Workshop to your Elegant Office. Think, for example, of an ornamented sculptural table depicting mythological Pegasus winged horses dating around 1900 from The Heritage Dining Room, a Bonsai tree from The Boho Garden, a jewellery box by Dior from The Glamorous Walk-In Closet or the iconic Eames 670 lounge chair from The Contemporary Living Room. Combining high-quality design objects and special items like the ones in offer with what is already in your house creates a personal and unique atmosphere. And last but not least: it’s sustainable.

"At Catawiki, we really want to inspire our millions of users," explains Annick van Itallie, Catawiki Expert in Antiques. "In the heritage dining room, for example, you won't find just a table, but everything tells its own story. In many cultures, the place where people share a meal is almost sacred. Stories are told, food is shared, love and loss are toasted. At Catawiki, we therefore wanted to capitalise on the richness of the tradition of sharing a long meal together."

Garden decorations most popular

Special interior items are very popular on Catawiki. Over the past year, the number of interior and decoration items sold grew by double digits. Special attention is paid to the garden and architectural ornaments: this category rose by a whopping 30 per cent in the same period.

Curious about the collections of all nine rooms? We have listed them for you below.

Room 1: The Contemporary Living Room 

Lovers of mid-century design should take inspiration from this room: from furniture and art to books and audio equipment, in this collection you will feel immersed in a bold world of fresh ideas, clean shapes and linear structures. 

Room 2 - The Heritage Dining Room

Step back in time to a bygone era of elegance, with beautiful items to decorate your dining room. As well as antique furniture and silverware, discover timeless items such as whisky, statues and art.

Room 3: The Industrial Kitchen

Complete your New York loft ambience with this trendy collection of industrial-inspired objects. From ceramics to cookware, modern art, wine and furniture. This is your one-stop shop for furnishing an authentic chef's kitchen.

Room 4: The Dreamy Bedroom

The items in this collection will transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm in no time thanks to elegant artwork, soothing lighting and luxurious textiles.

Room 5: The Boho Garden

This bohemian-inspired collection of furniture, plants, sculptures and art will give your garden a new, trendy look just before summer.

 Room 6: The Elegant Home Office

The ideal home office is functional and stylish. Discover items of high quality and unparalleled craftsmanship in this collection. You'll find it all here: from timeless leather armchairs, beautiful mid-century office furniture, to sumptuous accessories and unique showpieces as finishing touches.

 Room 7: The Glamorous Walk-In Closet

Hollywood-inspired walk-in wardrobes, to fill with luxurious designer clothes, handbags, jewellery, watches and shoes. You'll find it all in this room.

Room 8: The Collector’s Game Room

Long live nostalgia: in this collection you will find everything to display your rarest finds and express your unique personality: film memorabilia, street art, trading cards, musical instruments, video games and much more.

Room 9: The Hobby Workshop

Last but not least, this collection is a paradise for anyone who loves classic cars and vintage motorbikes, automobilia and sports memorabilia.