Pokemon Auction a GO!

Over the past month, we’ve seen the world go mad for Pokemon Go. The kids that were trading Pokemon cards in the playground twenty years ago have now grown up, but their nostalgia is undeniable. Those Pokemon trading cards that have been gathering dust in the attic are getting the world’s attention again, and that shiny Charizard card that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2001 could be worth more than you thought.

Demand for Pokemon trading cards has sky-rocketed – online auction house Catawiki has seen a whopping 76% increase in Pokemon searches since the release of Pokemon Go. As a result, for the next week Catawiki is holding an exclusive Pokemon trading cards auction, which means you could be in with the chance of investing in some very hot Pokemon property…

Cards in the auction include a Shadowless Charizard card, worth £630. (This card is sixteen years old… just to make you feel seriously old). Also up for grabs is a Charizard Skyridge worth £520 and a Gym Challenge Booster pack set to sell for a tidy £720.

And if you’re really taking it back to the 90s, take a look at this awesome Nintendo auction, where you can get your hands on some classic Game Boys and games…including a Pikachu edition Game Boy.