10 Things You Didn't Know About Salvador Dali

The man, the master, the marvel. Who does not know him? Salvador Dalí is definitely one of the most exceptional, extravagant artists history has ever known. Dali is the face of surrealism, but also known for his distinctive appearance. Read on and find out ten things that you did not know about master painter Salvador Dalí.

1. Salvador Dalí Believed He Was the Reincarnation of His Brother
Before the birth of Dalí, his mother gave birth to his brother. His brother was ill and died when he was only 22 months old. Nine months later, the Dalí that we know was born and took his brother’s name. When he was five, his parents told him that he was the reincarnation of his brother. He kept this belief throughout his adult life.

2. Dalí Had a Slightly Weird Obsession with Hitler
In the time of the rise of Hitler, most Surrealist artists distinguish themselves from all that had to do with Hitler or Fascism. Dalí, in contrast, was fascinated by Hitler. He made a painting named The Enigma of Hitler in 1939. His surrealist friends accused him of glorifying the dictator, however Dalí denied being a Nazi sympathiser. After the war, he created two other works referencing Hitler: Metamorphoses of the Hitler’s Face in a Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment (1958) and Hitler Masturbating (1973).

Source: art-dali.com

3. Dalí Had an Unusual Marriage
When Dalí met his beloved wife, Gala, she was still married to the French poet Paul Eluard. She was ten years older than Dalí. They were together until the death of Gala, despite her numerous affairs. Dalí bought a castle for his wife in 1969 in Pubol (Spain), and he was only allowed to visit her with a written invitation. Despite that, it was apparently a happy marriage. The partnership was so important that Dalí frequently signed art with both of their names.

Source: bbc.com

4. Dalí Created the Logo for Chupa Chups
In 1969, Dalí was approached to design a new logo for the Spanish lollipop, Chupa Chups. He designed the new logo, and it became a huge success. Nowadays it has barely changed.

5. Avida Dollars
Surrealist artists found that the work of Dalí was becoming increasingly commercialised. They excluded him from the Surrealist movement and gave him the nickname 'Avida Dollars,' meaning 'eager for dollars.'

Source: maryhallarted.wordpress.com

6. Dalí Had a Strange Thing With Pets
In the sixties, Dalí had a pet ocelot named Babou. Even his choice of pets was exceptional. There was a rumour that Dalí had an anteater as a pet as well. It turned out that it was fake, he was just photographed walking the animal.

Source: reelfoto.blogspot.nl

7. Dali Found a Deeper Meaning in Cauliflowers
Dalí once drove his car from Spain to Paris filled up with Cauliflowers. He explained he found a deeper meaning in the vegetable. “Everything departs from the rhinoceros horn! Everything departs from Jan Vermeer’s 'The Lacemaker'! Everything ends up in the cauliflower!”

8. Dalí Published his Own Cookbook  
Salvador Dalí had a predilection for good food. He loved it so much that he published his own cookbook in 1973. It contains 12 unique lithographs and 136 illustrated recipes.

9. Dalí Made Millionaires of his Secretaries
Sometimes Dalí was such a default professional, that he refused to pay his secretaries an exact compensation. Instead of paying them he gave them a commission on his works. It was not hard cash for them at that time, but in later years it resulted in 7-digit figures.

10. Dali Almost Suffocated While Giving a Lecture in a Diving Suit
Dalí always tried to have a flamboyant appearance, even with his lectures. He once gave a lecture wearing a diving suit and helmet. When he began to suffocate inside the suit, his audience thought it was part of his performance. He almost died, but fortunately that did not happen.

Image Source: theguardian.com

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