Why Lego is Not Only for Kids Anymore

Educational and timeless. I challenge you to find someone who has never played with LEGO in their lifetime. Fun for children to play with but more and more adults are showing an increased interest in playing with and collecting LEGO as well. LEGO Fans are so passionate that they even have their own nickname: AFOLs (Adults Fans Of Lego). Moulding the toy world for future generations, the colourful bricks are enjoyed by kids, adults and even the elderly. Discover why LEGO is not just for kids anymore and why you should start building as well.

Strictly Family Business
Founded in 1932 by Ole Kristiansen, the company has since been passed from father to son and is now headed by Kjelf Kristiansen, the founder's grandchild. How were those first bricks laid you ask? Ole, unsurprisingly a master carpenter, established the business in his local village of Billund, Denmark. He began by making all sorts of wooden toys in his small workshop including a wooden duck for his children. It was not until 1946 that LEGO bought their first ever plastic injection-moulding machine for toy production and in 1949 the LEGO bricks that we all know and love was born. In just over 80 years, LEGO has gone from a tiny local business to a global manufacturer of one of the most popular toys in the world. Oh, and if you don not happen to speak Danish and were wondering where the name LEGO came from, it is the combination of two Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play well”.

Source: www.lego.com

The AFOL's
There are thousands, if not millions, of AFOL's in the world. Most of them joined LEGO communities to talk about their passion and to build together. It's not all fun and games though. These communities are highly competitive when it comes to building the best LEGO constructions, always trying to out build each other. Why do adults play with LEGO? Because LEGO is practically indestructible and the bricks from even a half a century ago are all compatible with modern sets which means there are endless possibilities to build. From the Taj Mahal to the Empire State building, you name it; if it hasn't yet been build from LEGO brick, it soon will be. There is even a large glossary of terms within the community that makes AFOL an official language. For example, the "Dark Ages" means the time that an AFOL set aside their bricks to focus on school, family or other non-LEGO pursuits.

Brick it Like Beckham
Although LEGO is most recognised for fostering creativity and educating children, it also has several therapeutic and calming effects that adults cannot get enough of. Even footballer and global icon David Beckham likes to play with LEGO every now and again. He revealed that it helps him relieve stress, control anxiety and above all, to keep calm and carry on: “The last thing I made was the tower bridge. It was amazing. I think LEGO helps to calm me down”.  

LEGO as Art
LEGO is not just to played with it, it also to be admired. If you need proof, then check out the works of Nathan Sawaya, the world’s most famous and pioneering artist of LEGO art. The Art of The Brick, by Sawaya, was the first exhibition ever to focus solely on the use of LEGO as a medium. Transforming LEGO into magical and fanciful creations, his works include an enormous T-Rex and a re-interpretation of Johannes Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring. This AFOL had created around 80 sculptures consisting of over a million bricks in total. Impressive? Most definitely!

Live Out Your Childhood Dreams
Today, adults are among the company’s most dedicated fans. The chance to return to your childhood, perhaps with a little more cash than you had back when you were a child, makes the opportunities to build and create endlessly. Pirates, trains, cities and even Star Wars editions are amongst the most popular sets to build and collect. What’s more? LEGO is a solid investment, increasing 12% at auction each year. If you are not already constructing your own miniature world, then you should consider collecting these bricks because the demand is steadily increasing year after year. 

LEGO is truly for all ages. So don’t be shy to be an AFOL, and invest in the most awesome LEGO and open your eyes (again) to a colourful world with endless possibilities. Find all sorts of LEGO memorabilia, bricks, and sets at Catawiki's weekly Lego auction. Play well, everyone!

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