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5 LEGO sets which are increasing in value

In collaboration with Gerben van IJken | Updated 21 February 2023

What’s fun to play with, comes in a range of styles and can also be an excellent investment? LEGO sets, naturally. Any LEGO fan knows the joy of building bricks well and the ability to create entire worlds made from these tiny coloured pieces and minifigures. But fun and frivolity aside, LEGO can also be valuable. Some people are willing to pay top dollar for the right LEGO sets in auction – you just need to figure out which ones. Luckily for you, Expert in LEGO Gerben van IJken has picked out the five LEGO sets which are increasing in value.

1. Café Corner

Released in 2007, this set depicts a three-storey cafe and hotel on the corner of a busy high street scene. It’s one of the most sought-after sets around. At the time of issue, it would have cost you just over €100. However one Café Corner previously sold at our auctions for €2700. That’s worth more than a few cups of coffee.

2. Cloud City and the Printed Boba Fett

Perhaps one of the most desired and expensive minifigures in the LEGO universe is the Star Wars bounty hunter Boba Fett, released in 2003 in the Cloud City (10123) set. One of the things which makes him so unique as a minifigure is the printed designs on his arms and legs - which have been known to take the worth of the figure to around €200 alone. Nowadays, there are many versions of LEGO Boba Fett around, but there hasn’t been any other Cloud City version like this. His uniqueness as a collectable means this version could probably be considered the most hunted bounty-hunter in the LEGO galaxy.

Image source: Brickpicker

3. The Mandalorian Star Fighter

With the continued popularity of the Disney Star Wars Series The Mandalorian, now in its third season on the streamer, LEGO sets from, or connected to The Mandalorian can fetch nice prices on the second hand market. If you can find the 75316, The Mandalorian StarFighter for cheap it might be wise to pick it up before it’s gone from the shelves. The starship itself is not that valuable, but the minifigure of Gar Saxon is. It’s now fetching 30 euros for the minifigure alone. And probably Saxon will not return in other LEGO Star Wars sets, so the value will rise in the coming years.

4. The Batmobile Tumbler

Another smaller set that might do well in the future is the 76239: The Batmobile Tumbler. It's a very good minifigure scale model of the famous batmobile heavily featured in the Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman films. It’s not very expensive right now, you can pick it up for around 40 euros but I expect in a few years it will be double that. It’s a very good and well made toy from a beloved franchise. 

5. The Tie Fighter Pilots helmet

The Tie Fighter Pilots helmet from 2020, set number 75274 is a good example of recent LEGO sets increasing in value. . It's already retired from the shelves in toy stores and immediately has risen in price after that. If you are lucky and you bought it during the pandemic in 2020, you could pick one up for below 50 euros. Now just three years later you have to shell out at least 150 euros to get one mint in a box. And it will probably go higher, because for a decorative helmet set it’s very detailed and well made.

Perhaps you’re looking to build your collection? Of course, owning LEGO sets is exciting, creative, and something the whole family can enjoy. Not to mention, there’s investment potential for the future. You can explore our selection of LEGO bricks and sets in our Toys and Boardgames auction. Time to get creative!

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