Andrea Alciatus - Diverse Imprese Accomodate A Diverse Moralita' - 1564

Andrea Alciatus - Diverse Imprese Accomodate A Diverse Moralita' - 1564
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ALCIATUS, ANDREAS. Diuerse imprese accommodate a diuerse moralità, con versi che i loro significati dichiarano insieme con molte altre nella lingua italiana non più tradotte. Tratte da gli Emblemi dell'Alciato. In Lione, appresso Gulielmo Rouillio, 1564.

Large in 8° (185 x 116), 191, (1) pp., ancient limp vellum, (remounted, flyleaves renewed), a good, genuine , well-margined and complete copy.

Completely illustrated, with a fully engraved title page - representing a portico held by two putti - and 186 fine woodcuts (61 x 65 mm) evoking the style of Bernard Salomon, called the” little Bernard”; some bibliographers indeed attribute them to him. The drawings actually seem to have been executed by this Fribourg engraver Pierre Vase who arrived in Lyon towards 1548 and stayed there several years before going to Geneva. He developed the themes used by Bernard Salomon and added many very personal patterns.

Each of the 169 first figures is a very precise evocation of the explicit emblem in italic letters under the engraving. The 11 last ones, line-engraved, represent various trees essences. This edition encloses much more engravings than the 1548 one, which only enclosed 127 woodcuts and than the 1549 one that comprised 165 figures. Besides the title , Pierre Vase has especially drawn for these emblems 35 different types of patterns, which, alternatively, frame in full-page each one of the engravings. Arabesques, grotesques, architectural patterns, children and animals, landscapes, naves and sea monsters, flowers and fruits mingle in harmony in a Renaissance style evocation.

Fourth edition, the third of Giovanni Marquale's Italian translation of Alciato's Emblematum liber or Emblemata, the work which is recognised as the first printed emblem book and the most frequently printed (over 100 editions in all, published in Germany, France, the Spanish Netherlands and Italy before the 1620s). The influence of Alciato's emblems is enormous and, since they first appeared in Latin, extends over the whole of Europe. They set the pattern commonly, though not universally associated with the emblem, that is a motto or inscriptio, a picture (pictura) and a verse text or epigram (the subscriptio). The corpus would eventually stretch to 212 emblems, but early editions had a little over a hundred. In due course translations would appear not only in French, but also in German, Italian and Spanish, and many of the emblems appear in English in Geffrey Whitney's Choice of Emblems (1586).

Ref: Landwehr, J. Emblem and fable books (3rd ed.): 69 ;Baudrier, H.L. Bib. lyonnaise: p. 295 ;Folger bibliographic ID: 102121 ; Index Aureliensis: 103.003; Fairfax Murray, French,10

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Andrea Alciatus
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Diverse Imprese Accomodate A Diverse Moralita'
Vanhimman kohteen julkaisuvuosi
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Guillaume Rouille
Muu - katso kuvaus
185×116 mm
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