Piaggio - Motovespa SA - Vespa - PK 125 S - 1984

Piaggio - Motovespa SA - Vespa - PK 125 S - 1984
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Piaggio - Vespa PK 125 cc S

Bought new by me in February 1984 at the dealership, so I have been the only owner of this bike. It is currently in original condition, as when it left the factory. Only the tyres and the spark plug have been replaced.

I bought the bike to go to university and I used it until 1988.
It has never passed the ITV (Spanish vehicle inspection), as the bike was no longer in use when it had to pass its first vehicle inspection. Since then, the bike has been stored in my garage.

After 37 years, the bike is still in running condition, but, obviously, it would require a thorough service.

Everything in the bike is original, as when it left the factory. Not even a single lightbulb, brake lever, accelerator handle or clutch lever have been replaced and everything works. The electrical system is perfectly operational. Low beam and high beam lights, horn, indicators, brake light; everything works well, as well as the brakes, gear shifting, kick-start pedal.

But when I start the bike, I sense a bad carburettor. This should be checked.

A thorough service of the engine, with oil replacement, is more than advisable.
The bike as some visible signs of the passage of time on the sheet metal and the paintwork, but nothing that could not be fixed with a little money.
There is no rust, except in the silencer of the exhaust pipe.
The copy of the registration certificate, from March 1984, is available, issued in my name, obviously, and there is also a copy of the vehicle registration certificate, but the original documents were lost at some point.
All road taxes have been paid, as I have always hoped to use the bike again, and I just pay 8 euros per year for that.
You can inspect the bike at ease in my home (Barcelona).
By mutual agreement with the buyer, I can help organise the shipment to its destination, but any ownership change, shipping, customs, etc. costs will be borne by the buyer.

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Piaggio - Motovespa SA
Vespa - PK 125 S
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