Marmontel - Mémoires - Oeuvres posthumes de Marmontel, historiographe de France, - 1804

Marmontel - Mémoires - Oeuvres posthumes de Marmontel, historiographe de France, - 1804
Historia, Kuvitettu kirjallisuus, Nidonnat - Lukumäärä: 4 - Kirja

First edition of this important testimony on the Age of Enlightenment that Marmontel began to write around 1793 and which was published here for the first time in 1804. Copy signed by hand by the printer Xhrouet facing the title.

Among other things, Marmontel offers a vast gallery of portraits of his contemporaries, from Massillon to Mirabeau. The half-title says “Mémoires d'un père pour servir à l'instruction de ses enfans "

Beautiful period bindings in veined lambskin, smooth spine adorned with two green and lavaliere morocco mosaic labels and an elegant decoration of small gilded tooling. Greek style frame around the boards.

Very good copy, sturdy and clean bindings, despite a small abrasion on the back cover of volume 1, in excellent condition. Fresh and clean inside.

Mémoires Oeuvres posthumes de Marmontel, historiographe de France, secrétaire perpétuel de l'académie française‎

A Paris, chez Xhrouet, Déterville, Lenormant, Petit An XIII, 1804

4 duodecimo volumes ( 17x10) [6] , 394 , [4] , 328 , [4] , 346 , [4] , 341 p.

Marmontel was born in Bort-les-Orgues, in Corrèze, but on the edge of Cantal. Coming from a modest background he studied in Mauriac and then in Clermont-Ferrand, while holding a position as a tutor. When his father died, he continued his philosophy in Toulouse and was noticed by winning the Académie des Jeux Floraux competition. He became friends with Voltaire, who encouraged him to come to Paris. His beginnings were difficult, but he found some success with his first tragedies. Those that followed would be failures and he abandoned the genre. Supported by Voltaire an Mme de Pompadour, he obtained a position as secretary of the Bâtiments du roi. He then used his influence to have the direction of the Mercure de France given to his, almost fellow Cantalian, Louis de Boissy. Upon the death of the latter, he became in his turn the editor. It was in this literary periodical that he published his "Contes moraux" which were a real success. Less than two years later, he was forced to leave the Mercure, for having read a pamphlet against the Duke of Aumont. But the Académie Française opened its doors to him in 1763. In 1767 he published Bélisaire, which would be condemned by censorship (he praised religious tolerance in a chapter). He provided articles for Diderot’s L'Encyclopédie, then for Panckoucke’s L'Encyclopédie méthodique. Les Contes moreaux were first published in 1761 (2 duodecimo volumes), reprinted in 1765, in 3 octavo vol., by Merlin, and illustrated with 23 figures and a portrait.

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Historia, Kuvitettu kirjallisuus, Nidonnat
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Mémoires - Oeuvres posthumes de Marmontel, historiographe de France,
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17×10 cm
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