About Catawiki

We make special objects available to everyone

Weekly auctions for special objects

Catawiki’s goal is to make special objects universally available. Our weekly auctions feature thousands of unusual, rare, and exceptional objects you won’t find in just any store.

Facts and figures

50,000 +

lots every week



14 million

visitors every month

300 +

weekly auctions

How it all started

Catawiki was founded in 2008; it was originally designed as a website where collectors could manage and keep track of their collections online. Visitors can still add new items to the existing catalogue of collectables. Unsurprisingly, the name Catawiki is a combination of the words ‘catalogue’ and ‘wiki’. In 2011, Catawiki began hosting weekly auctions in various categories, including art, antiques, classic cars, watches, jewellery, fashion, books, and stamps.


Catawiki’s auctions are carefully compiled by our team of experts. They help guarantee a varied and high quality selection of lots.

Company details

Catawiki B.V.

Overcingellaan 5

9401 LA Assen, The Netherlands

Contact us

Chamber of Commerce: Groningen, The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce number: 01131735

VAT Identification Number: NL8194.21.182.B01

Catawiki welcomes many millions of visitors from all over the world every month. Our organisation therefore has a strong international focus, with employees from all over Europe. Our offices are located in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, and Spain.

Join the crew!

Catawiki is looking to expand rapidly and internationally! We need true specialists who want to help us achieve our ambitions.