Beautiful Large Merlinit- Gabor Sphere - 153×153×153 mm - 5703 g

Beautiful Large Merlinit- Gabor Sphere - 153×153×153 mm - 5703 g

Stone: Merlinit
Weight: 5703g
Size: 153mm
Treatment: None
Origin: Madagascar

Very beautiful sphere of Merlinite, also known as Gabor. This sphere is flawless and very nicely cut.
The sphere was found and cut in Madagascar, has a very dark colour.

Merliniet helps you to reduce negative energy, blockages and behaviour patterns of the past and to outgrow them.
Because the stone also facilitates contact with past lives, it is a very suitable stone to clean up negative karma. Merlinite restores the natural balance by these properties and helps you to become more balanced, stronger and happier in life. Physically the stone stimulates the flow of energy through the body and has a positive influence on blood circulation.

Hauptmineral/ Name Meteorit
Beautiful Large Merlinit- Gabor
Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
153×153×153 mm
5703 g
Herkunft (Land)
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