Ghirla - Glas mit Deckel - Keramik

Ghirla - Glas mit Deckel - Keramik
Italien - 1950-1974

Up for auction exclusively on Catawiki, a unique Italian piece of great artistic value.

Ancient ceramics, hand-crafted according to the greatest ancient Ghirla techniques of Italian ceramic processing.

An original and authentic piece, now impossible to find in such good condition, as shown in the photos.

Some pieces by the same manufacturer are available at the famous museum of the abbey of San Gemolo in Piedmont, Italy.

The "Ghirla" ceramics manufacture, already active in the Varese area since the late 18th century, started, from the late 19th century and early 20th century, a production of ceramic objects for the home and for the table, whose decorations, often made in cobalt blue with the stencil technique, were inspired by the Faenza tradition.

After being passed from hand to hand, in 1892, the factory became the property of Carlo Ghisolfi who in the early 30s was succeeded by his son, Carlo Junior, who entrusted the artistic direction of the company to Giuseppe Talamoni (who had already worked with the manufacturer for some years). . The decorators Guerrino Brunelli (starting from 1928), Maria Epimedio, Banfi, Ines Pella, Mario Figini, Campagnani and Cervini collaborated with him.

With the new management, the factory started mechanical processing in plaster moulds and firing in round 'inverted flame' ovens operating with wood and carbon coke.

In 1932, a decoration school, led by Giuseppe Talamoni, was added to the factory and remained open until 1935.
The company went out of business in 1950/51.

Glas mit Deckel
Hersteller/ Marke
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Guter Zustand - gebraucht mit geringen Alterungsanzeichen
37×27×27 cm
3 kg
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