Henri Chapeau (1913-1986) - Nature morte au homard

Henri Chapeau (1913-1986) - Nature morte au homard
Gouache - Handsigniert

Henri Chapeau (1913-1986)

“Nature morte au homard”

Gouache on paper
Size: 33 x 42 cm
Signed on the bottom right

In good condition and framed
Modern frame with organic glass (Plexiglas)
Size with frame: 38 x 47 cm

- Galerie Tuffier, Les Andelys

Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity
Fast and careful shipping with insurance

Henri Chapeau (1913-1986)

“A kind of charm floats, all around Henry Chapeau's painting... a little magic perhaps, as in the painter's very name: Chapeau! (Hats off!) His name is Chapeau (Hat)! and it is not a pseudonym! But in fact, how can you be called ‘Hat’ without being a little bit of a magician?

The only difference with a magician is that the painter only has a brush for a magic wand ... and colour tubes in a box which is not rigged... Henry Chapeau is yet a little enchanting. Like a prestidigitator, he plays with colours, mixing them, blurring them on his palette as well as filters, sympathetic powders, to arrange them lovingly, delicately, marvellously on a simple little piece of canvas which in no time at all metamorphoses into a masterpiece.

Landscapes and still life are his favourite themes ... on his canvases the colours clash, marry and blend to give birth to remarkable modulations. With his warm and attractive brushstrokes, he knows how to juxtapose dryly, without any clash, the touches of bright lights on a more attenuated whole where each tiny nuance takes on an extreme importance.

On a Chapeau canvas, when colour is at its richest, form is at its fullest.

Michel de Decker, August 1976

Henri Chapeau (1913-1986)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Nature morte au homard
Oeuvre unique
Guter Zustand
33×42×0 cm
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