Herman Melville / McKnight Kauffer - Benito Cereno - 1926

Herman Melville / McKnight Kauffer - Benito Cereno - 1926
Einbände, Illustriert, Literatur, Sklaverei - Anzahl: 1 - Buch

Beautiful quarto edition of Herman Melville's Benito Cereno, illustrated by American artist E. McKnight Kauffer of 6 off-text, a thumbnail on the title, a header and a hand-coloured eyelash-lamp using stencils.

Limited edition of 1650 copies on paper by Holland Van Gelder, this one n°1609.

Publisher’s paperboard bradel binding in full red cloth, title in gilded lettering on the spine.

Solid volume, worn paperboard, with traces and stains on the dishes, insolated back. Perfectly crisp inside.

Melville, Herman; Kauffer, E. McKnight
Title: Benito Cereno

Published by: London, The Nonesuch Press, 16 Great James Street, 1926
Quarto of 31x20, 124 pages.

Melville's short story Benito Cereno was published in 1855 in Putnam's Monthly Magazine and in 1856 in the short story collection The Piazza Tales. Translated into French in 1937.

Herman Melville was inspired, to write Benito Cereno, by a news item: black slaves, transported aboard a Spanish galleon, had revolted, had massacred the whites, with the exception of the commander, Don Benito Cereno, and some sailors who had to be spared to be able to be brought back to Africa. Short of life and water and forced to touch a small port in Chile, they had forced Don Benito to pretend to have remained the master on board, themselves apparently remaining his submissive slaves, and the Negro Babo playing with him, to closely monitor him, the role of the zealous personal servant during his interview with Captain Delano. The latter, in fact, anchored in the port and seeing this ship obviously distraught, had come to offer him his help. But he had felt on board a growing sense of strangeness and unease, until a dramatic turn of events - Don Benito's jump overboard - had revealed the true state of affairs. As a result, Melville's talent has made a parable, that of the fundamental ambiguity in which the tiny human condition is trapped.

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Einbände, Illustriert, Literatur, Sklaverei
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Herman Melville / McKnight Kauffer
Benito Cereno
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31×20 cm
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