What to do when my credit card is declined?

Here are some reasons of payment failure when attempting to pay with credit card:

  1. Payment can fail if you filled in the incorrect credit card number

  2. Entered the incorrect 3D secure code 

  3. 3D secure code is not activated

  4. There is insufficient funds on the account linked to the card

  5. The card you are using is not supported by our platform. Review the following article to learn which payment methods are available.

You can also attempt to relieve any issues with your credit card by removing it and re-adding it under your payment settings on your account profile. Make sure you save any changes on that page, and wait a few moments before attempting to try again.

If you are still experiencing any further issues when attempting to pay with your card, we strongly recommend that you get in contact with your bank or card provider. They will be able to provide more detailed information on the subject and advise you further. 

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