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What should I do if my object has been delivered and does not conform to its description?

If your object has been delivered, and unfortunately does not conform to its description, or you believe that it is inauthentic, it is important to ensure you contact us within 3 days after delivery was made (the exact date will be recorded through Track & Trace). 

At the same time, we advise you to contact the seller directly to share your concerns with them in an effort to come to a mutual solution. In said message to the seller, please attach pictures of the object you received to support you in explaining your concerns.

Please be aware that once this 3 day period has expired, your payment will be released to the seller and we can no longer open a claim on your behalf or guarantee a refund. 

When you contact us, there will be a set of instructions requesting some additional details on the situation. Please ensure that you provide this information so that we can better resolve your case.

The information includes:

  1. At least one picture in which the item is shown in its entirety, plus at least two more detailed and sharp pictures that clearly show the object in the state you received it.
  2. At least two pictures of the packaging, in which the label is clearly visible and legible
  3. A detailed description of the object in the state you received it, highlighting the main differences compared to the seller's description of it

Please click here to see some advice of the images we require. 

If you are trying to highlight a mechanical issue, or something that will not translate well with a photograph, please forward a video recording or any other material you feel would better suit the situation.

Please note: If you believe that the object is not authentic, please send us the photos as requested above as well as a copy of all supporting documents that would support the object not being authentic.

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