Shipping & Delivery
Is international shipping available?

Yes, objects on Catawiki can be shipped to all supported bidder and buyer countries

Keep in mind, there may be some restrictions for certain objects, like alcohol or weaponry. This depends on the import regulations in the seller's country and your country.

International shipping costs

You can find the cost of shipping and where the object is shipped from on the object page.

Secure international shipping methods might cost a little more. Be sure to check the shipping cost before placing a bid, as bids exclude shipping costs.

International shipping might have other costs, like customs duties and clearing charges. We recommend checking with your local customs authority to find out how much these might be.

How long it takes

How long international shipping takes depends on the seller’s country and your country, and the type of object you’re buying. For example, shipping to mainland destinations is usually quicker than shipping to islands.

You can find an estimate of how long shipping will take on the object page. Once you’ve bought the object, you’ll find the estimated delivery date on the order page. We’ll let you know via email or notification if this date changes. 

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