Payments & Fees
What is the seller success fee?

The seller success fee goes towards marketing your object to buyers around the world and making selling easier. It’s always free to submit your special object – you’ll only pay the fee if it sells.

How the fee supports your sale

This fee goes towards attracting new bidders and increasing demand so you can get a good price. We’re also making it easier for bidders to find your object with collections, personalised daily recommendations and improved search. We’ll continue to improve how bidders can discover your object. 

This fee also helps us invest in better solutions to grow your sales. We’ve already rolled out several improvements to improve your seller experience, including smoother shipping and insurance processes; aftersales options like buy now; and an improved submission flow. With the fee, we’ll be able to continue adding improvements.

How it’s calculated

We keep the seller success fee fair by basing it on how much your object sells for.

Other costs

VAT will be charged on top of the seller success fee. The VAT rate is based on the country you live in or where your business is established. For professional sellers residing in the EU the reverse-charging of VAT may apply.

If you use smart shipping insurance, the insurance premium is 1% of the price of the object.

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