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Archaeology Submission Guidelines

At Catawiki we want to ensure that the items in our auctions reflect the unique, harder to find objects of value that bidders are looking for.

This is why we have set per category a minimum estimated value a lot should achieve in auction in order to be admitted.

During lot evaluation our in-house Experts carefully review and select admittable items, considering various aspects and product characteristics that determine the quality and influence the value an item is expected to sell for in our auctions. 


At Catawiki we auction genuine archaeological objects or antiquities from the Prehistoric era, ancient civilizations inc. Roman, Greek and Egyptian, and from the early medieval period. 


For our auctions we seek and select objects that:

  • Are collectable and decorative original artefacts (man-made objects), structures or ancient burials dated before 1000 
  • Are from various cultural origins
  • Are in good condition or that were at least professionally restored or repaired in a way that their original appearance or construction has not been lost
  • Are valued at least €75
  • Originate from countries compliant with the 1970 UNESCO Convention and are sold out from countries that comply with National Cultural Heritage Laws 
  • Come with a detailed provenance

If you need any extra guidance regarding our acceptance criteria, please find the submission guidelines attached below. 

View the guide

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