Lot Submission & Evaluation
Can I offer a buy now option for my objects?

Yes, you can! Buy now helps you sell quicker for the price you want. It gives bidders and potential buyers the option to buy your object for a fixed price before the auction ends.

When and where it’s available

You can choose if you’ll offer the buy now option when you’re submitting your object.

Keep in mind, you can’t offer only the buy now option. Bidding on your object will be available alongside buy now. This helps you reach a wider audience of people with different bidding and buying preferences.

How bidding and buying works

Once the object goes into auction, bidders and potential buyers will have the option to instantly buy your object for a set price. Buy now will be available to them until bids reach your object’s reserve price or buy now price, or 24 h before the auction ends. That way, you won’t miss out on bids that go above your reserve price or buy now price.

Once a buyer uses the buy now option, your object is sold to that buyer and we’ll close bidding for the object. As with auctioned objects, we prompt buyers to pay as soon as possible.

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