From Iconic classics to art with a message - these are the trends driving bidders and collectors in 2022

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Extensive research has been conducted through 60 interviews among 240+ of Catawiki’s in-house experts.

The 7 main trends forecasted for next year are: 90s Nostalgia, Craftsmanship, Iconic Classics, Earth and Nature, Cultural Heritage, Reimagined, and Playfulness.

Amsterdam, November 10 - Catawiki - Europe's leading online auction platform for special objects - together with global cultural insights organization Crowd DNA - have mapped out the tastes and trends set to define 2022 worldwide. The Trend Report 2022 predicts what will influence passionate bidders next year across categories such as art, fashion, design, jewellery, watches, cars and more. Every one of the 65,000 special objects auctioned on Catawiki each week is selected by an expert with extensive experience in their field - from a deep knowledge of history to informed perspectives on the future. Together with Crowd DNA, over 60 hours of deepdive interviews with Catawiki’s experts were conducted. This collective knowledge base, paired with quantitative insights, was used to reveal the cultural forces, industry drivers and predictions for the year ahead.

Ravi Vora, Ceo Catawiki, says: “At Catawiki we are in the unique position of seeing current trends develop through the millions of users who pursue their passions on our platform, and with our hundreds of experts who have a deep knowledge of their category, we can also forecast upcoming trends. This makes Catawiki an unmatched hub of knowledge across the worlds of art, fashion, design, jewellery, watches, cars, and much more. With this report we hope to give everyone access to this knowledge as we share our insights on the fascinating world of special objects.”

To mark the launch of this report, Catawiki has also organized a number of curated auctions based on the 7 Trends selected by the experts. The auctions will start on 10th November and will end on 19th November.

The 7 trends set to dominate 2022:

90s Nostalgia

The purchasing power of millennials is growing, as is their search for the cult objects that defined their childhood. Grunge-inspired fashion trends and pop culture memorabilia are at the top of their popularity today, and experts identify '90s nostalgia' as a key trend, especially in the luxury sector, with 84% of respondents ranking it among the top 3 cultural drivers across multiple sectors. The style of 1970s fashion has now been replaced by the icons of the 1990s such as the "punk" of Jean Paul Gaultier or the unmistakable style of Gianni Versace. There will also be requests for iconic objects such as roller skates or the Nintendo Game Boy or kitschy and extravagant furnishing objects such as lava lamps and neon lights. 

Craftsmanship as an expression of quality and uniqueness

The rediscovery of craftsmanship is a conscious response to industrial-scale production and the "culture of convenience" driven by large marketplaces or fashion and design giants. 67% of the experts interviewed confirmed a growing interest in anything that celebrates human creativity and craftsmanship in different areas such as fashion, design or food, in response to "fast fashion", "fast food" and "fast furniture". Some of the most sought-after objects will include; analogue cameras, with a focus on those from the 19th century, the first wristwatches from the 1920s and 1930s and, in art, Japanese paintings, prints and wood engravings.

The timeless value of the iconic classics

Faced with a glut of choice, buyers are increasingly attracted to timeless objects, be it a Fender guitar or a Louis Vuitton bag. Timeless classics are often appreciated as works of art and prove to be reliable investments. 76% of experts agree that their value will increase faster than other items. Iconic handbags such as a Birkin or Kelly by Hermes, or a Flap by Chanel are and will be a more profitable investment than gold. The same goes for furniture from the 1920s: from Bahuaus to Lecorbusier, retro design is a must-have that fits perfectly into modern interiors and architecture.

Connecting with Earth and Nature

In response to a collective longing to reconnect with the outdoors, Earth and Nature is predicted to be a key source of inspiration among collectors and antique dealers. Touching on different sectors and categories, Catawiki's panel of experts noticed a return to the rediscovery of wood, ceramics and textiles. The search for fossils, for example, is a growing trend that has even touched celebrities such as Kate Winslet: more and more people now want a piece of "natural history" in their homes. In the food sector this trend is demonstrated by the search for natural and organic wines, a trend that goes hand in hand with environmental awareness.

Rediscovery of Cultural Heritage

Reflecting broader conversations in society on celebrating one’s identity and heritage, special objects that speak to a diverse range of cultural identities have never been more popular. As a result, the cultural origins, history and heritage of an object is an increasingly important factor in consumer purchasing decisions according to 76% of our experts. Expect a growing demand for special objects that celebrate identity and carrying a social message in 2022. 


The search for originality is leading more and more people to reinvent objects in order to position them and use them in new contexts. According to 61% of Catawiki experts, giving new life to the old objects is a key trend for 2022, so there will be an increase in recycled fabrics and vintage items, in a sort of rebellion against consumerism. Examples of this trend are objects that, over time, find a new use: old car engines, bistro tables or old signs will increasingly find their way into modern homes or offices. On the same wavelength are old cars transformed into electric vehicles.


Joyful, unabashed freedom was put on hold during the pandemic and people are looking to reignite their playful side and inject some joy into their daily lives. Whether it's bold colours, vibrant patterns or flashy designs, all those out-of-the-ordinary items will make a comeback: patterned fabrics with floral and animal designs and Missoni prints, for example, will be the most popular. “Tuttifrutti" jewellery will also return, with brightly coloured stones, both in resin/glass and with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds. In 2022, "exuberant" and colourful watches will also be big.

The full report can be viewed at this link. Read Catawiki’s blog about the report here.