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2022 Trends: Expert predictions for the year ahead

Published on 10th November 2021

At Catawiki, our mission is to fulfil people’s passions by connecting them to the objects they love. We are a leading online marketplace with over 65,000 special objects in auction each week, across 22 categories – each selected by experts. Our in-house experts bring with them extensive experience in their field, from deep knowledge of history and practices to informed perspectives on developing trends in their sector.

The 2022 Trends 

We interviewed our 240+ in-house experts to uncover the tastes and trends set to define 2022. Using the latest industry insights, auction data and market analysis, our experts identified seven key themes predicted to be top of mind among passionate bidders and special object sellers in the year ahead. 

Earth and Nature

In response to a collective longing to reconnect with the outdoors, Earth and Nature is predicted to be a key source of inspiration, demonstrated in the popularity of earthy tones and textures, natural wood, ceramics and textiles.

In particular, the Earth and Nature theme is having strong appeal among consumers when it comes to collectables and antiques – a trend set to accelerate in 2022. 

Examples include: Fossilsorganic winessecond-hand leather.


A conscious response to industrial-scale production, our experts are seeing a growing appeal for special objects uniquely crafted with quality, passion and a personal touch. 

While convenience culture driven by major e-commerce outlets remains strong, there’s a growing resistance to mass production among consumers that’s gaining momentum, with 67% of our experts seeing a burgeoning trend against ‘fast’ culture and growing demand for ‘artisanal and ‘bespoke’ objects.

Examples include: Analogue cameras, 1920s watches, traditional Japanese prints

Iconic Classics

Faced with an excess of choice, buyers are increasingly drawn to timeless objects, looks and brands that prove popular year in, year out. 

Defined by their iconic status and unquestionable quality, Iconic Classics are objects to be treasured. Aside from their personal value, they prove to be reliable investments according to 76% of our experts. 

Examples include: Hermès handbags, 20th century interior design classics, Gibson Les Paul guitars

Cultural Heritage

Reflecting broader conversations in society on celebrating one’s identity and heritage, special objects that speak to a diverse range of cultural identities have never been more popular.

As a result, the cultural origins, history and heritage of an object is an increasingly important factor in consumer purchasing decisions according to 76% of our experts. Expect a growing demand for special objects with a story in 2022. 

Examples include: ‘Old Masters’ paintings, cultural archaeological artefacts, gender fluid fashion.


Reinvent, repurpose, reimagine. With many of us yearning for originality and free expression, reinventing objects for entirely new contexts and breathing new life into the old is a key trend for 2022 according to 61% of our experts. 

Expect to see an increase in recycled fabrics and creatively repurposed vintage items, driven by people looking to express their unique individual identities. The majority of Catawiki experts agree that current consumers are increasingly opting for unconventional objects.

Examples include: Electrified classic cars, recycled fabrics, misprinted stamps.

90s Nostalgia

With millennials growing in purchasing power, the ‘90s kids’ are driving up demand for the tastes and trends that defined their youth. Grunge-inspired fashion trends, pop culture memorabilia and collectable trading cards are at peak popularity. 

In fact, 65% of millennials describe becoming more nostalgic for the past as they get older. Yet across society as a whole, the 90s have become a period of nostalgic idealism for many of today’s consumers, with 90s objects now seen as retro collectables. 

Examples include: 90s fashion, Hollywood Glamour interiors, 90s motorcycles


Joyful, unabashed freedom was put on hold during the pandemic and people are looking to reignite their playful side and inject some joy into their daily lives. 

Whether it’s bold colours, busy patterns or flashy design, our experts are seeing a growing demand for special objects that throw the rulebook out the window. 

Examples include: TuttiFrutti jewellery, colourful watches, funky alcohol branding.


The 2022 Trends Report

Catawiki partnered with cultural consultancy, Crowd DNA, to map the future of special objects. Crowd conducted over 60 hours of deep-dive interviews with Catawiki’s experts to identify emerging trends for 2022. This collective knowledge base, paired with quantitative insights, were utilised to reveal the cultural forces, industry drivers and predictions for the year ahead. 

Discover more about the seven key trends set to shape the world of special objects in 2022. 

Read the 2022 Trends Report

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