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The wind in your hair, the squeak of your leathers. There is nothing quite like a classic motorcycle. 

A stunning form of retro machines, it is easy to see why there has been such a resurgence in recent years in the popularity of classic motorbikes, scooters, and cycles. Our classic motorcycle auctions online are the best place for you to find that next vintage buy. 

Are you bored of new metal? Looking to relive the roaring, petrol-fuelled glory days of your youth? You’re not alone. Many riders are returning to older, classic bikes rather than newer models. Why? We simply don’t want modern electronics interfering with how we ride, or perhaps the battle for ever more horsepower simply doesn’t appeal. One thing is for sure; when it comes to classic machines, modern, retro reproductions simply won't do. We want the real deal. We want a classic.   

Find your next classic in our online motorbike and scooter auctions. 

British, Japanese, and more

When you think of a classic bike, do you have the old British Norton, a Triumph, or even a BSA Gold Standard in mind? Maybe you are more inclined towards a Japanese Kawasaki from 1972, just pipped to the post by Honda’s 1969 CB750 and narrowly missing being the world's first superbike. Whatever motorcycle you’re dreaming of, you can be sure that we have the machine for you on one of our online motorcycle online auction pages.  

Maybe you are looking for a retro-renovation job? Perhaps the idea of getting your hands on a Moto Guzzi Airone Sport from 1952 and restoring it is calling your name? Maybe your first bike was a Honda VF75OF back in 1986 and you dream of restoring one back to full glory to ride off into the sunset. All of this and more is possible when you find a motorcycle or scooter in one of our barn-find auctions. Classic machines that need some love and care to restore, but imagine the thrill of knowing you rebuilt your own classic bike.

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