From Y2K fashion to analogue gadgets and AI art: Catawiki reveals consumer trends for 2023

Today Catawiki, the leading online marketplace for special objects, and the leading research agency Ipsos publish the consumer trends for 2023. With a trend report based on extensive qualitative research, the expert-curated auction platform predicts what we can expect in 2023 in the field of art, fashion, design, interior design, luxury items and collectibles. From a revival of the 2000s, to maximalist interiors, flamboyant fashion and old-fashioned analog hobbies. In the report, many Catawiki experts also provide an outlook into the new world of collectibles in 2023.

Millennials have become the dominant buyer group and their shopping habits are influenced by their desire for a simple lifestyle, centered on nostalgia, happiness and relaxation. This manifests itself in an increasing demand for golden oldie collectibles, extravagant fashion and interior decoration and new objects for collectors to invest in. Jan van Diermen, Vice President Luxury at Catawiki, says: “We are seeing a shift in the world of collectibles that appeals to a new and broader audience. In 2023 we'll witness the emergence of new classics. From vintage jewelry such as brooches to cognacs and the convertible Mercedes-Benz SLK from the late 1990s”.

The five consumer trends and insights from Catawiki experts:

    1. Beyond normal

    The time of letting go of old rules has definitely arrived. The focus on individual and personal styles has been increasing significantly in recent years and will peak again in 2023. Think maximalism in interior design, flamboyant clothing and technology-driven art such as an AI-generated portrait on the wall or a statement piece by Italian designer Sottsass in the living room. In fashion, prints and brands flow into each other, effortlessly combining Moschino with Margiela. Lorenzo Altimani, fashion expert at Catawiki, adds, "Everything is about gender fluidity next year. Gender-specific fashion collections are no longer relevant."

    2. Nesting

    Interiors have a direct impact on how we feel. Recent study in France showed that over 50 percent of the participating people believed that their homes could have been more comfortable during the lockdowns and that they were willing to invest more to achieve this comfort. With the current economic uncertain times, it is no surprise that we are going for warmth and comfort when making purchases for 2023. Thus, there will be an increased focus on interior pieces that contribute to a serene living environment. Soft edges and unconventional shapes are popping up in cozy interiors. Collections of minerals and vintage tarot cards add an ethereal touch to any space, and analog hobbies such as model trains and board games are more popular than ever.

    3. Y2K is Now

    Millennials will be the most dominant consumers of the upcoming year, and they are expected to seek out all things Y2K. From cars to fashion, items that were popular at the turn of the century will be unearthed and revived. The early 2000s symbolize a period of simple, blissful ignorance, so millennials will be looking for collectibles that take them back to the carefree past. Combine statement pieces from that era, such as the Balenciaga Bag, with the popular TikTok trends of the moment 

    (#whatsinmybag) and the party can begin. Glitter fashion and fashion pieces worn by pop icons such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, flashy cars from Fast & Furious and Need for Speed and memorabilia heralding the dawn of the digital age such as Playstation and Pokémon are also popular on Catawiki. For example, in just one year over 50 percent more Pokémon and trading cards were sold on Catawiki, with the highest bid for one Pokémon card consisting of 5100 euros. Toby Wickwire, Toys Expert at Catawiki: "Catawiki has seen a growing interest in specifically nostalgic items from millennials. The early 2000s represent a period of simple, pleasant carefreeness and they are expected to seek collectibles that take them back to their past. Think of compact digital speed cameras, pinball phones and high-quality corded headphones."

    4. New heroes, more narratives 

    Society's focus on diversity and inclusiveness translates to special objects that tell a story that everyone can identify with. Think of wine from lesser-known and traditional regions and distilled by women, but also top athletes from historically undervalued and marginalized groups will finally get the recognition they deserve in 2023. Wouter Waaijers, sports memorabilia expert: "Millennials are socially conscious consumers, including in terms of equality and diversity, which is reflected in the sports memorabilia they want to collect. A great example is the development in interest in women’s sport trading cards: a Sports Illustrated trading PSA 10 card of Serena Williams (Kids Series 4 Rookie, 1999) was recently sold for a record-breaking $266,400 in 2022." 

    5.Alternative investments

    Whereas whiskey, vintage watches and vintage cars were popular investment items among collectors for years, in 2023 this takes on different forms with new alternatives. From heirloom brooches and cognacs to younger classic cars. [name of country, eg Dutch] collectors will invest in less obvious objects that reflect their passions in the coming year. According to Jeroen Koetsier, Catawiki Expert in liquor and beer, there are many new opportunities to invest: "A good cognac from the '50s or '60s is still affordable now, but the expectation is that its value is going to skyrocket. Just like with whiskey 10-15 years ago. The same goes for traditionally brewed beer where we have already seen 75cl bottles go under the hammer for 500 euros. Early adopters are totally on board with this trend".   

    Trend Auctions

    From 11 to 20 November, Catawiki is organizing dozens of trend auctions. Collectors can be inspired here or make an offer on one of the many objects that will be decisive in the new year.