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9 artists to watch in 2021

Written by Marta | 15th January 2021 | Cover image by Alia Bilgrami

Art is a powerful medium for connection and reflection. Emerging art plays a crucial role in artistic conversations, capable of opening up bold perspectives on the world. In celebration of new beginnings and art, our experts—Anita Helmy and Margherita Bani—have picked the innovative and emerging artists that they think will bring something new to 2021.  

Dario Moschetta

Who they are: Based in Castelfranco, a town just one hour away from Venice, Dario Moschetta works in what many would label as an artistic oasis. An architecture lover, he explores the many sides of metropolis through complex techniques of décollage. His process includes gluing layers of printed paper on top of one another to achieve a photographic base, before scarring the surface with chisels and spatulas on a wooden frame. The result? A spectacular torn-up effect.

Why they’ll be big: Dario Moschetta incorporates a touch of modernity into traditional painting, making his works classic and experimental. 

You’ll like them if: You are an ‘innovative traditionalist’ who likes to see traditional painting revisited through modern techniques.

Dario Moschetta - Amor e Psyche


Who they are: Vladinsky is a Romanian artist who uses his work to bring people together. His most famous series is The Observer, in which he mirrors society's fast pace, its modernity and beauty, through a range of hypnotic colours.

Why they’ll be big: Vladinsky’s work is both powerful and positive. Stylised through colour and paint brush techniques, it represents the internal growth of a human being.

You’ll like them if: Colour and depth is what you look for in art.   

Vladinsky – Into the Fake World

Francien Krieg

Who they are: Dutch artist Francien Krieg takes inspiration from the transience of human bodies. She started off by painting her own body, with different perspectives and using both figurative and abstract interpretation, exploring it as if it were a mysterious area. After experimenting on herself, she then moved on to painting other women’s bodies, in a journey to unveil what beauty truly is. 

Why they’ll be big: The extremely perfectionist technique of layers has made Francien Krieg one of the most internationally renowned artists to paint women nudes at different stages of their lives, describing a full palette of emotions.

You’ll like them if: You like emotionally charged portraits of the human form.   

Francien Krieg - Prolapse

Lionel Chevalier

Who they are: Following the impressionist tradition, Lionel Chevalier started painting when he was just 16 years old when he began transferring instant impressions of the weather, the sky, the wind and the light into art. After 35 years of experimenting with landscape painting, his focus is now set on marine landscapes, inspired by a meeting with French marine artist Jean Le Merdy. 

Why they’ll be big: Chevalier balances speed and precision in his brushwork, allowing him to achieve harmony in colour palettes and sensitivity in his compositions. His works have an almost hypnotic effect on the viewer as colours adapt to a room’s changing light and the spectator’s mood.

You’ll like them if: You have a passion for serene marine landscapes. 

Lionel Chevalier – Louna

Belle Doxx

Who they are: Art is a calling for many, but for Belle Doxx it’s a  religion. This young rebellious artist from the Netherlands builds colourful works that are a nod to the graffiti world. When using acrylic she favours flashy atmospheres filled with yellows, pinks and reds as words scream: “Libertad”, “DANGER” and “savage”.

Why they’ll be big: Belle Doxx’s work can be described as archaic contemporary work, channeling past styles with modern techniques. There's a link to Basquiat: raw, colourful and the use of text.

You’ll like them if: Bold, colourful graffiti inspired artworks are to your taste. 

Belle Doxx –  Goddamn Persephone, Who let the dog out?

Jürgen Büse Filzen

Who they are: Jürgen Büse Filzen is no stranger to change, having lived as a freelance artist in places such as Ibiza, Gomera, Kathmandu, India and Japan. It comes as no surprise then that his favourite subjects are landscapes, especially trees and water. According to Jürgen, each landscape is associated with intense feelings and filled with hidden perceptions and memories. 

Why they’ll be big: His works manage to be as peaceful as they are meaningful, allowing the viewer to reflect on the past through tranquil landscapes painted in subdued colours. 

You’ll like them if: You like beautiful, quiet and enigmatic landscapes.


Jürgen Büse Filzen - am Meer

Manu De Mey


Who they are: Born in Antwerp, Manu De Mey started sketching and painting after a creative breakthrough at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. He now paints portraits known to be intentionally ambiguous, where the viewer is never sure whether they are looking at a victim or an offender, a leader or a follower, a master or a slave.

Why they’ll be big: Manu’s world is populated with sad, melancholic people, suppressed emotions and beauty, making his work as unique as it is ambiguous. 

You’ll like them if: Melancholic portraits are your kind of art.

Manu de Mey – Girl looking up

Nathan French

Who they are: Nathan French is a Brussels-based sculptor. Originally a fashion designer who made wearable art, he now blends his sculpting skills with over 10 years of fashion design experience, a perfect marriage of his two passions. By experimenting with innovative and eclectic materials like crystals, he explores the human quest for identity and its intricacies. 

Why they’ll be big: Nathan French work is complex and innovative and showcases humanity at its core. As a person grows and changes, so do his crystals, creating complex formations.

You’ll like them if: Sculpture and crystal formations spark something within you.

Nathan French – Eliad


Who they are: VON ALLIN is a German minimalist "contemporary artista" whose work extracts the very essence of feeling. Growing up in the colourless environs of East Berlin, she developed a desire for design and colour at an early age. She experiments with a wide range of different media and techniques and draws inspiration from her personal struggles to understand and cope with certain emotions, thoughts or situations.

Why they’ll be big: VON ALLIN’s unique perspective on life’s impalpable essence results in strong, intimidating and often playful art. Her joyful paintings balance the seriousness of life, inviting others to embrace the full range of human experience with humility and grace.

You’ll like them if: You like approachable artworks that express the pure joy of living and exploring.

VON ALLIN – drunk


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