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The advantages of using Catawiki’s auctions

Unique objects selected by our experts

Catawiki is the online marketplace for the unusual, unexpected and unique. Through our platform, we offer special objects to international buyers, who share our passion for the extraordinary.

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How to sell through Catawiki

  1. Seller registration

    Seller registration

    Register as a seller for free. You can offer up as many special objects as you wish that are of premium quality.

  2. Submit items

    Submit items

    Once your items and descriptions have been approved by our experts, they are scheduled for auction.

  3. The thrill of auction

    The thrill of auction

    Experience the auction excitement as thousands of enthusiasts discover your lots!

  4. Make money safely

    Make money safely

    You won’t be asked to ship your items until the buyer has transferred payment. Catawiki manages payments between buyers and sellers.

Auction costs

We charge a 12.5% commission fee, excluding VAT/sales tax (15.1% incl. VAT/sales tax) of the winning bid. Commission fees are used for extensively promoting our auctions, among other things.


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