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Carl Zeiss Jena, Ihagee Stereflex

Jhagee Stereflex stereo viewfinder plus Carl Zeiss Jena stereo viewfinder (Complete) 1950s to mount on Exakta cameras where you can preview the stereo image in 3 dimensions before taking it, see photos.


Canon FD 55mm 1:1.2 SSC ASPHERICAL

Mythical lens pioneer in the use of an aspherical lens to reduce aberrations. Can be used on any hybrid camera, especially Canon R, with success. This lens is in excellent condition, which is very rare. It comes with its front and rear caps and its dedicated sun visor.


Binoculars - Nikon Nikon 10 X 50 6.0° Sporting II

Nikon Binoculars 10x50 60° SPORTING II, it works perfectly, good condition, some normal signs of use for its age. The binoculars give a clear image, the lenses are clean and the mechanical part works very well.


Theatre binoculars - ch. Fretkar du lac leman Geneve theatre

Old Theater Binocular in Brass and Mother-of-Pearl. 1900. of ch. Fretkar from Lake Geneva Geneva. excellent condition


Binoculars - BEH 10X50 Dienstglas aus dem zweiten Weltkrieg

Binoculars/service glasses are offered. from the Second World War. Dimensions: height 5cm, width 17cm. Item number: NS684. Condition: Good age-related condition. (See XXL pictures). We ship worldwide with UPS/DHL/GLS.


Olympus OM-4Ti, originele doos Single lens reflex camera (SLR)

You don't see often such a complete package, very interesting for the Olympus collector. • Housing in an almost mint condition, except paint touch up on the bottom plate • Mirror is clean. • Viewfinder is clear and has no discoloring, only a few small dust particles • Shutter


Nicca IIIs rangefinder - 1952 - Nikkor S.C. 1.4/5cm - Analogue camera

PLEASE READ. Because my cameras and lenses are collectors items to me and I never used them with a film, I mark the cameras as “not tested”. However, functions such as shutter, rangefinder, light meter, mirror, etc. are checked for operation (not for accuracy) and lenses are


Bronica ETRSi + Zenza Bronica 75mm f2,8

Professional camera used only in Studio condition. Device in excellent condition, sold because it is no longer used.


Mamiya 6 MF + 75mm Medium format camera

Mamiya 6 MF is a medium format camera that shoots 6x6 format. It has a collapsible lens and is therefore perfect for travelling and easy to pack for a medium format camera. It’s a very reliable camera and fairly easy to use. It weighs approx. 1.100gramms with lens mounted. Its


Plaubel PROFIA 5X7 inch + accessoires ( Adaptateur Linhof Technika, adaptateur 4X5, compendium…)

It is a metal monorail chamber, covered with a dark gray hammered paint and whose tubes are made of aluminum. The possible seesaw movements are innumerable. The sale of this room includes: #ExclusivePhotographersStudio. . The bedroom with its bellows, its extension and


Ergra low vision Loepbril Ergra Citadel 2.5x Enlarger lens

Ergra Low Vision Loupe Glasses, brand Ergra Citadel, with double 2.5x lenses, the specialist in aids for the visually impaired. When someone can no longer see well, even with normal glasses or contact lenses, is this a case of visual impairment? For example, is your vision


Canon P, with Canon 2.8 f=50mm lens, plus Sankyokoki 105mm viewfinder. Japan 1958-60. Rangefinder camera

Beautiful Canon P, 35mm rangefinder camera: automatic parallax correction with frames for 35, 50 and 100 mm focal lengths; unique non-rotating shutter speed dial; metal curtain shutter with 1/1000, B and X settings; rewind. handle integrated into the hood. The camera is in


Mamiya 645 1000s + Mamiya-Sekor C 4/50mm Shift + acc. 120 / medium format camera

Included: Mamiya body. Mamiya motor. Mamiya electric view finder. Mamiya waist level viewfinder. Mamiya Sekor Shift C 4.0-50mm lens Mamiya shoulder strap. Mamiya hand crank. All tested and working. All in excellent conditions except the lens, it looks like some HAZE on the rear


Theatre binoculars Scope model no 2378

Hand-decorated brass and mother-of-pearl binoculars, binoculars or loupes. This type of binoculars/binoculars was used for specific high-class events, such as the opera or theater. It is handmade and very well detailed. It has the ability to adjust focus and distance. Please


Astronomical telescope - eye witness albatros albatros serie 1

perfect condition and rarely used eye witness, albatross series 1, spotting scope 15 -45x60. everything comes with new stand, beautiful item, both spotting birds, and so on, total weight with stander approximately 4 kilos


Theatre binoculars - Eschenbach Optik Binocolo da Teatro Manon 2,5x. Argento (800) e nero.

Manon 2.5x theater binoculars. - Eschenbach Optik – Made in Germany - 1960s. Opera binoculars, small and handy with defined lines and essential design. In 800 silver and black - Excellent condition. Minor signs of aging. Measurements: Length 9.7 cm - Width 5.0 cm. Weight: 180 gr.


Foca, OPL Marine Nationale # 216.498 R - Plaque # 461 + 5 Objectifs! Rangefinder camera

Exceptional and rare set of Opl Foca Marine Nationale Foca UR device marked Marine Nationale in superb condition, perfect curtain, correct speeds, superb chrome, sheathing without missing. # 216.498 R - National Marine Plate # 461. 5 Bayonet foca lenses. - 4.5/2.8cm (28mm) Oplar


Robot II schwarz mit SchneiderKreuznach Xenar 1:2,8/3,75

Robot II Viewer Camera, (Blackpaint), Series No: B46848-5, with Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 1:2.8/3.75 lens. The camera is in beautiful condition, with few visible signs of use. Working, tested. The objective is clean, without scratches or fungus. DRP Schneider-Kreuznach Tele-Xenar


Binoculars - Carl Zeiss 10x40B T*P* Classic Gold Limited Edition

This is a special edition of the famous Zeiss binoculars 10x40B T*P* commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Zeiss company. Only 1000 copies were made in 1996. This is # 0828. On company.com the binoculars cost around €4000. Privately owned and only used once. Almost like new.


Binoculars - Leitz Bilustra 3x13,5

Old television/opera glass E.Leitz Wetzlar 3x15.5 Bilustra No. 176615 from the 1930s, very rare in very good condition, works excellently. Color:Black/Gold


Minolta Dynax 9 Single lens reflex camera (SLR)

Beautiful mint condition Minolta Dynax 9 SLR camera, Minoltas flagship professional SLR. The camera is film tested and works perfectly. This camera has all the features you could ever need, a true joy to work with. The set consists of : Minolta Dynax 9 Body. Minolta VC-9


Zeiss Ikon Contarex I ’Bullauge Bullseye’ (10.2401) Single lens reflex camera (SLR)

Zeiss Ikon Contarex I 'Bullauge Bullseye' (10.2401) body. Camera is in beautiful condition. Photos form an integral part of the description. Mirror damper has been replaced. Viewfinder shines brightly. Light meter works. (Lens cap is not original). Beautiful camera.


Linhof Technika III RF uitvoering + drie Schneider-Kreuznach lenzen - Large format camera

Beautiful Linhof Technichnika III RF version with three lenses from the Schneider-Kreuznach brand, namely. Tele Xenar 1:5.5 270; Press Xenar 1:3.8 135mm and Angulon 1:6.8 90mm. Lenses are in perfect condition: no fungus, haze or scratches. Shutters work properly. The bellows


Bronica S2A 120 / medium format camera

Zenza Bronica S2A in great condition well looked after part of my camera collection


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