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The rose quartz obelisk - 20×5.4×5.4 mm - 981 g

They are popular therapeutic tools in meditation, massage and acupressure. These tips also make a great gift for you and your loved ones, as they are versatile and can be used as paperweights, book dividers or decorations. Rose quartz is associated with loving energy and an open


Vintage Necklace - Berber Amber - Vintage Bakelite - 70×3.5×2 cm - 387 g

Vintage resin - like Bakelite or phenolic resin - Vintage Berber amber necklace from Morocco. Very old necklace with natural aged patina. Beautiful Old Amber colour. Massive unique item ...387 grams weight. __________________________________________________. Shipping with


44,46 ct Large Deep Blue Violet Untreated Tanzanite Crystals - 8.9 g - (1)

Tanzanite, a mesmerizing and rare blue-violet gemstone, is celebrated for its metaphysical and healing properties. This crystal is believed to open and activate the third eye chakra, facilitating spiritual insight and intuition. Tanzanite is thought to promote deep meditation,


Punta Amethyst Brazil Extra Quality on a wooden and brass base - 300×220×110 mm - 1520 g

Beautiful Amethyst tip with fantastic color and transparency to say the least. Perfect tip and facets, combined with EXTRA quality make this specimen a coveted collector's item. Truly unique and particular, suitable for embellishing a mineral collection or for displaying as an


Amazing Nephrite, Jungle Green Afghanite, Caribbean Calcite, Jasper, Lapis Lazuli, Honey Calcite ,- 1400 g - (16)

FOUR SEASONS GEMS85 (HONG KONG) Beautiful lot of natural Palm Different Stone Intense colors. Weight= 1400. Size= 15g to 58g. Quality= As Shown in the pictures. Pieces= 17pc Stone Name= Nephrite, Jungle Green ,Lapis Lazuli,


No Reserve Price- Natural Rhodochrosite - AAA Grade, Gold Plated Necklace/Pendant- 14.4 g

FOUR SEASONS GEMS85 (HONG KONG) The stone and chain are in excellent condition and have no flaws. The stone is of excellent quality and has a beautiful bright color. Item: Necklace with pendant. Condition: New. Main stone: Rhodochrosite Weight: 72 carat. Size: About


Amazing 19 Different Cabs Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Rhodochrosite,- 60 g

FOUR SEASONS GEMS85 (HONG KONG) Beautiful lot of natural stones Cabochon. Intense colors. Ruby= 10ct Tourmaline = 12ct. Aquamarine= = 15ct Moonstone= 17ct. Lapis Lazuli= 21ct Coral= 12ct Emerald= 08ct Labradorite= 32ct Ruby Zoiste= 04ct peridot= 09ct Ametrine= 05ct.


Mixed specimens Lot of various items - Height: 22 cm - Width: 8 cm- 12 kg - (13)

A diverse lot of mainly big specimens among with chevron amethyst, polished dendritic opal Australia, large quartz cluster with chlorite inclusions, stilbite, quartz with pyrite from Romania, baryte from Germany, fluorite France, ruby in zoisite, large massive chalcopyrite Congo


No reserve price: 1.96 carat Ethiopian fire opal . - Height: 10.2 mm - Width: 7.1 mm- 0.392 g - (1)

I offer you a sublime fire opal of 1.96 carats with beautiful colors. It is a natural opal that has a rectangular shape. It is an Opal from Ethiopia ideal for making jewelry or for a collector. The name opal comes from the Sanskrit “upala” and the Greek “opalios” which


No reserve price: 1.72 carat Ethiopian fire opal . - Height: 11.2 mm - Width: 6.9 mm- 0.344 g - (1)

I offer you a sublime fire opal of 1.72 carats with beautiful colors. It is a natural opal that has a rectangular shape. It is an Opal from Ethiopia ideal for making jewelry or for a collector. The name opal comes from the Sanskrit “upala” and the Greek “opalios” which


Opal Cabochon - Height: 34 mm - Width: 17 mm- 6.48 g - (1)

14.90cts Multi Color Boulder matrix with Australian Opal insert Pendant. Shape: Oval Identification: Natural Boulder & Opal Size: 34 x 17 x 6.1 mm ( with Hook ) Cts: 14.90. Grams: 6.48. Metal: Sterling Silver 925. Queensland - Australia Copy and paste these link to watch


Beautiful natural smoky Quartz crystal with combined black tourmaline crystal from north skardu Crystal- 540 g - (1)

540Gram beautiful Natural Rutile smoky Quartz crystal with combined black tourmaline from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Natural gems mineral crystal and Rock handmade carving for wholesale price for sale. Size: 4.5x 3.9x 2.6 in. Mineral: Rutile smoky


Natural Jade - Bangle - AAA Grade - Deep Green Color - Certified- 52.417 g

With great pride, we present this elegant bracelet made of green quartzite jade. Crafted from the earth, the bracelet exudes a rare and natural elegance that immediately catches the eye. Its rich green color and impeccable craftsmanship emphasize unparalleled class and


Natural Jadeite (Type A) - High Quality Piece - Certified- 47.89 g

This exquisite piece is a testament to dedicated craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted by Chinese artisans, it combines ancient techniques with contemporary skills, resulting in an authentic portrayal of jadeite's allure. Furthermore, it is certified by the NGTC, the National


Baltic amber tesbih prayer beads rosary 61.05 g - Amber - Succininte

Remarkable huge beads Baltic Amber Tesbih in honey colour. Beads shaped like a barrel. Number of beads: 33. Bead size 15 x 13 mm TESTS to indicate amber: Floats in the salt water, sinks in fresh water; Acetone resistant; Has characteristics of pine resin odor if heated; Has


Misbaha Tesbih huge olive prayer beads rosary + spare minaret imam - Amber - Baltic amber - succinite

Stunning Baltic Amber Islamic Tesbih prayer & meditation 33x beads rosary in cognac. + spare imam minaret Amber clears depression, stimulates the intellect and promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression. It encourages decision-making, spontaneity and brings wisdom,


No reserve price: 2.40 carat Ethiopian black opal . - Height: 12 mm - Width: 8.7 mm- 0.48 g - (1)

I offer you a sublime black opal of 2.40 carats with beautiful colors. It is a natural opal which has a pear shape and is opaque black. An exceptional stone. It is an Opal from Ethiopia ideal for making jewelry or for a collector. The name opal comes from the Sanskrit “upala”


Natural Very Artistic Black Polycrom Jasper Sphere- 3044.21 g

Picture Jasper is highly beneficial for locating ley lines and. power points of the earth's meridian system for assistance. when setting up energy grids, positioning a home or other new. construction, or for maximizing energy transfer in healing or. psychic endeavors. It is


Mahogany Obsidian / Mahogany Obsidian / Volcanic Stone Skull - Height: 99 mm - Width: 87 mm- 1.215 kg - (1)

Polished Mahogany Red Obsidian ----> Top quality AA+ Volcanic Stone from Mexico. Dimensions for this skull; 128x87x99mm. -- > 5.0"x3.3"x3.9" -> Inches. Weight: 1,215 kg. For carved stone collection / excellent in Curiosity Cabinet / Memento mori. Use for possible lithotherapy


Big size! Excellent Gemmy Emerald Green VIVIANITE on MATRIX Crystal - Height: 6.5 cm - Width: 2.1 cm- 13 g

One of the most impressive find of Vivianite! top gemmy crystals in exceptional size and quality! perfect gemmy and translucent crystal in topo color as pictured! terminated crystal. Complete all around. This is the best quality you can have, in fantastic size! Top luster.


Beautiful Natural Tiger eye, Mahogany, Mookaite, Blue Goldstone, Oplaite, Yooperlite, Rhodonite, Blue Spotted, Aventurine, Howlite, Amazonite, Unakite, Lepidolite, Transvaal Jade, Obsidian Tumbled- 853 g - (52)

Local Custom Duties and Taxes are the buyer Responsibility. Gem: Tiger eye: 50g. Mahogany: 37.8g. Mookaite: 54.3g. Blue Goldstone: 47g. Oplaite: 61g. Yooperlite: 43g. Rhodonite: 50g. Epidot: 55g. Red agate: 40g. Amethyst: 37g. Blue Spotted: 54g. Aventurine: 50g. Howlite: 50g.


Andara - 5-piece collection. Freeform - Height: 7 cm - Width: 6 cm- 2450 g - (5)

In the family of stones (gemstones), Andara has one of the highest frequencies and a great healing effect. Very popular with (spiritual) healers, homeopaths, physiotherapists, shamans and others who work with crystals. Andara helps in meditation by increasing your awareness and


Lot Large Rough Natural Colorless Topaz ct 3281 Cut Collection Crystals - Height: 55.7 mm - Width: 45.4 mm- 656 g - (73)

Description: Spectacular lot of natural rough colorless topaz for collection or cutting, of Brazilian origin. The lot contains 73 stones, some of which are of excellent size, all coming from secondary deposits in the north of the state of Minas Gerais. Excellent total weight of


Tiger eye pendants - silver- 110 g - (10)

Beautiful tiger eye pendants. Add a touch of natural beauty to your jewelry collection with this set of 10 pendants, each with a unique tiger eye combination. These gemstones are known for their protective and healing properties, and each pendant has its own unique patterns and


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