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Jules Steiner - Doll - 1880-1889

Jules Nicholas Steiner Doll, (French, 1855-1891) Le Petit Parisien® (The Little Parisian) Marked: "J. Steiner S.G.D.G. Paris Fre, A 2" on head, "Le Petit Parisien, J. Steiner" 1889 stamp on side left. The bisque head made of pressed porcelain. In 1889, Steiner received a gold


Educa miniatuur teddybeertje, 1920-1930. - Teddy bear - 1920-1930 - Germany

Educa: very rare bear of only 8cm in size, head cannot move, arms and legs moderately. Little bear. See pictures. Bear is 8cm tall. Reasonable condition. See the pictures. These are explicitly part of the description. Condition: good. See text and photos. Decoration is not for


Prima Character Baby - Baby doll - 1940-1949 - Europe

Baby doll in original paper box, ceramic body, textile cloth. Total weight together with the box is 240 grams. The doll is 20 cm high, 175 grams.


handmade antique - lot antique handmade doll clothes christening dresses - 1880-1889 - Germany

Beautiful collection of antique doll clothes/children's clothes. two beautiful christening dresses or doll clothes. made of batiste. Some with lace or flounces. Both have minor damage (see pictures) The length of the baptismal dress is approx. 82 cm. Beautiful antique christening


Heubach Köppelsdorf - 300.6 sweet character - Doll - 1910-1919 - Germany

Very nice, sweet character doll Heubach Koppelsdorf 300.6. 54 cm, in good condition. biscuit face, blue-gray sleeping eyes with eyelashes. open mouth and tongue, with two tiny teeth. a dimple on the chin and two dimples on the face because of the smile. blonde (perhaps human)


Jumeau - Doll - 1880-1889

Doll with mechanism, turns the head while moving the legs and there is a bellows making a sound, working, arm a little loose, ear pierced, fixed eyes, real hair, original, open mouth with 6 teeth, height 54 cm , bpost shipments well packaged, ps plush included if you want,


Armand Marseille - Doll Très rare poupé A.M Germany chinois 353/4 - 1910-1920 - Germany

Very rare A.M Germany Chinese doll series 753/4. Good condition. Missing a shoe. H:41cm. L: 19cmx 11cm. 627g. Sending with Luxembourg post parcel


Nacktfrosch-badpop, 39cm, perfecte staat. 1880-1900 - Doll - 1850-1900 - Germany

Bad doll, a so-called nxcktforsch. A porcelain doll that children (particularly well-to-do children) could take into the bath. Perfect condition, made in 1880-1900. I have never come across such a bath doll in this condition and size, 39cm, before. Condition is near mint. One


Armand Marseille - Doll 1894 DEP 7 - Germany

Beautiful antique doll: * porcelain head. * marks on the spine: 1894 A.M. 7 DEP Made in Germany. * face with lovely appearance. * open mouth with 4 teeth. * gray sleepy eyes. * wig with real brown hair. * head length: 14 cm. * total length: 60 cm. * original articulated wooden


Prachtig antiek poppetje uit Frankrijk - with porcelain head - 1910-1919

* mark on the back of the head: 1. * origin: France. * porcelain head. * beautiful antique hat. * total height: 43 cm. * head height: 12 cm. * played with wooden body. * a finger is missing on the right hand. * beautiful face. * blue-gray sleep eyes. * open mouth with 4 teeth. *


Mattel - Doll Barbie Holiday 2007 - 2000-present

Collectible Barbie, Happy Christmas 2007, part of a private collection, never opened, perfect condition. Courier shipment


Unbekannt 3500 ? - Enchanting porcelain head doll kid body - 1890-1899 - Germany

Extremely magical and extremely high quality. Breastplate porcelain head doll. marked "N° 3500" very fine light porcelain, open mouth, expansive lash line, blue solid PAPERWEIGHT eyes, on a very well-preserved kid leather body with no defects (see photos) with porcelain forearms


Sonneberg - Doll SB 2966 33/1/8 - 1940-1950 - Germany

-Length 50 cm. -With braids in the hair. Open mouth, well-functioning blue sleep eyes, elastic with good tension. All fingers intact. -Head is not made of papier-mâché but a harder material. -Original mohair wig, -Noted on the back of the head. -Voting mechanism present and


France - Doll

Two dolls, to restore, in poor condition.


Mattel - Barbie Clothes and Midge Doll - 1960-1969

For sale is Midge (Barbie) in good condition with her clothes (all original from the sixties).


Mattel - Figure - Hanae Mori Barbie Limited Edition - (1) - Plastic

Hanae Mori Barbie 25994. New in box, unopened, sealed. Limited Edition


Charles Bergmann Waltershausen Germany - Doll - 1900-1909 - Germany

Nice doll Charles Bergmann. Rare from 1904. Weighs 180 grams. More information the last 2 photos. Will be sent by registered mail with PostNL


Mattel - Figure - Promenade in the parc Barbie - (1) - Plastic

Promenade in the park Barbie Collection Edition 18630


Mattel - Barbie doll Bumblebee Gala Celebrating 40 Years of Dreams - China

40 Barbie Celebrating forty years of dreams 23041


Jumeau - Antique baby Eden Fleischmann doll 45 cm Emile? Jumeau! - 1890-1899

Beautiful antique doll, beautiful appearance. On the back of her head 5 ½ - S2 - J. Late 19th century. Bright large fixed blue eyes. Open mouth with teeth. Original mohair wig on cork lid. No cracks/restorations, but a number of missing fingers. Beautiful antique lace dress with


Heinrich Handwerck Simon & Halbig - Doll - Unknown

Heinrich Handwerck Simon & Halbig doll with mom and dad voices. Antiene Duru (Juru). 57 cm tall. One string is in her stomach, so the voice no longer works. Her head is made of beautiful fine porcelain, has a small firing flaw on the edge, there is a w next to it. You won't see


Mattel - Barbie doll Couture Serenade in Satin - 1990-2000 - China

Barbie Couture Serenade in Satin Limited Edition 17572


Mattel - Barbie doll Givenchy - 1990-2000 - Indonesia

Givenchy Barbie Limited Edition 24635


Mattel - Barbie doll Christian Dior - Indonesia

Christin Dior Barbie 16013


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