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Designer Bauhaus/Art Deco Bank Lamp, France, 1920/1930 - Lamp - chrome

Please read the description below! Check out our other items. At this auction we present a designer bank Bauhaus lamp made in France in 1920-1930. A great catalog example of Bauhaus applied art! The lamp works 100%! The electric was replaced once, the rest are 100%


Boom Paul Heller - Artver - Vase - Glass

Beautiful Art Deco Artver Booms decorative glass vase with sandblasted decor of 3 eagles. Design Paul Heller. Quite large 26.5 cm. Quite rare representation, on the Booms glass site only the drawing is mentioned without an example of the vase:


Legras Theodor - Vase (2)

Beautifully preserved hand-painted enamel vase mounted on a bronze base. (freestanding in the fixture. The theme is the iris flower which represents the art nouveau style. The piece dates from around 1900. Crafting vases in this style was the specialty of Legras working in


Moser, Karlsbad - rare ruby red etched bowl with wild animals

A rare ruby red bowl, from Moser, Karlsbad. The bowl is made in the überfang technique. The outer edge is deeply etched with a beautiful representation of a wooded area with wildlife. The bowl is not signed but, as they say, signed all over. provenance: In 2021, a green Moser,


LEGRAS MONTJOYE - Vase (1) - soliflore - Glass

Large Vase signed Legras Montjoye in Frosted Glass in 2 colors, pearly white going towards iridescent purple with a gradient, enameled with thick daisies. perfect condition and very good quality. 30 cm high and base 15cm


C.I.A. Manna - Figurine - Oriental odalisque - (1) - Ceramic

A unique piece of Italian Art Deco. Semi-naked oriental odalisque kneeling carrying tray. Glazed polychrome ceramic. Made by C.I.A. Manna. It is a Cia Manna model present in specialized catalogs and rarely appeared in international auctions (see last photo) Designed in the


Liquor set (7) - .800 silver, Crystal

Bottle and glasses in crystal and 800 silver. France 1880. Art nouveau. In excellent condition, despite its age, the bottle complete with the cap and the two silver inserts, the base and the neck, completely decorated. The bottle is decorated with typical floral decorations, also


Art Nouveau - Nottoli - Sculpture, Escultura/ Reloj con niños besándose, 1930’S - 50 cm - Gilt, Plaster

Nottoli Signé - This is a beautiful "In Love" Sculpture Clock. Art Nouveau around 1920. Early 20th Century Record of authenticity engraved and numbered on visible reverse. Sculpture with Clock - Modernist - Pair of sculptures of children with clock Paris France Art Nouveau —


"V.B.C.M." - Arturo Pannunzio (1891-1953) - Figurine - Girl relaxing on the sofa with her little dog - (1) - Ceramic

Unique piece, museum quality. Polychrome ceramic. Girl relaxing on the sofa with her little dog. Designed in 1930's by Arturo Pannunzio (1891-1953) Artist's signature engraved on the sofa: "Pannunzio Arturo" + "DEPOSITATO" + "ITALY" Produced by "V.B.C.M." (Vincenzo Bertolotti


Vase (1) - Uranium Glass

Beautiful art deco vase in uranium glass in very nice condition. Large stylish model, art deco period. Between 1870 and 1940, uranium or anna green glass was produced on a fairly large scale. Since uranium glass is currently rarely produced, it is a popular collector's item.


Art Deco Lady sculpture

Beautiful Art Deco ceramic Hungarian sculpture in excellent condition, depicting a beautiful nude female figure. Handmade, painted terracotta. Very rare, beautiful piece. A real collector's item! Circa 1940-1948. Excellent condition! No chips or repairs! Dimensions: 22,5 x


Ronzan - Giovanni Ronzan - Sculpture, Carte da gioco seme picche - 8 cm - Ceramic - 1939

Very rare object by Giovanni Ronzan, hand signed under Cristallina in 1939, when the signature was placed in a detached Ron Zan manner typical of the artist's first production from 1939 to 1941. Excellent state of conservation with photos. Particular object no longer available


Cutlery set - Christofle Paris - 6 lobster forks - Marked with Christofle & hallmark - length approx. 19 cm -

Offered are 6 lobster forks from Christofle from Paris in France. The lobster forks are all marked 'Christofle' on the back. I would describe the condition of the 6 forks as very good. The silver plating is slightly tarnished in places and the straight surfaces are slightly


Bernard Bloch, Eichwald - Vase (2) - 908/3 - Ceramic

2 splendid polychrome ceramic vases from the prestigious Austrian company Eichwald - Bernhard Bloch. Colors, shapes and decorations typical of the Jugestill period. Both marked and numbered on the bottom. Company mark dating back to around 1910. Dimensions: height 36 cm, base


Nightstand (2) - Walnut

Elegant pair of Art Deco bedside tables. Made in walnut wood. Equipped with a drawer and a door. They are in good condition. Origin Italy, circa 1930s. Height 58cm. Length 35cm. Width 43cm. Shipping includes professional packing and streetside delivery, NOT flat. In the event


Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) - Cocorico

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) Cocorico, 1899. "Cocorico" Art issue (n° 19), published on October, 5th 1899. Chromolithograph on the cover, signed on the plate. Dimensions: + Size of the Art issue: 31 x 23,5 x 0,1 cm / 12,2 x 9,2 x 0,03 in. Condition: In overall good condition,


Jules Chéret (1836-1932) - Carnaval 1894

Jules Chéret (1836-1932) Carnaval 1894, C. 1896. Lithograph on wove paper. Plate-signed. Dimensions: +Size of the sheet: 31 x 22 cm / 12,2 x 8,6 in. Condition: In good condition, may have minor stains and soft handling creases at the edges. This lithograph was included as a


Cutlery set - Christofle Paris - Art Deco cutlery - 6 people / 42 pieces - model: 'Atlas' - with hallmark & stamp

This cutlery set is offered by the company Christofle from France. The cutlery comes from the 'Atlas' series. It is designed for 6 people and consists of a total of 42 individual parts. I would describe the condition as excellent to very good. The silver plating is in great


A.M. Cassandre (1901-1968) - Thomson

A.M. Cassandre (1901-1968) Thomson, 1931 Lithograph on paper. Signed on the plate upper right margin. Dimensions: + Size of the sheet: 27 x 18 cm / 10,6 x 7 in. Condition: In very good condition, with soft handling creases at the edges. May have some minor stains in the


Henri Privat-Livemont (1861-1936) - Ameublement

Henri Privat-Livemont (1861-1936) Ameublement, 1895. Advertising lithograph on wove paper, enhanced with golden ink. Signed on the plate lower right margin. Dimensions: + Size of the sheet: 12 x 26 cm / 4,7 x 10,2 in. + Size of the image: 11 x 25 cm / 4,3 x 9,8 in. Condition:


Christofle, Gallia - Coffee and tea service - Silver-plated

Coffee and tea service on a tray - Art Deco - Gallia-Christofle. Origin: France, 1920s-30s. Very good condition, tray in average condition. Visible traces of use. Dimensions: Coffee pot - height 20 cm. Tea pot - height 16 cm. Sugar bowl - height 10 cm. Milk jug - height 9 cm.


Lalique René Lalique - Vase (1) - Monofiore - Crystal

The Tulips vase is part of the Lalique collection. It is made of satin-finished and shiny crystal, with floral decorations representing tulips in relief of extraordinary beauty. It is in excellent condition, it has never been used. It is signed on the base


Mollica (Napoli) - Figurine - Two bears on a glacier; 35cm - Ceramic

A unique piece of Italian Art Déco! Very rare. Splendid object holder, fruit bowl, centerpiece and lamp with two bears on a glacier. Produced by the ancient Italian ceramic factory "Mollica" (founded in Naples in 1842) Trademark on the base: "Mollica" The trademark indicates


Wall plate - Art Deco - Petrus Regout Maastricht voor NOC t.b.v. Olympiade Amsterdam 1928

Beautiful art deco plate, issued in the context of the 9th Olympiad / Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928. Image of a centaur with the text CHIRON. Diameter: 21 cm. This memorial plate was designed by W.J. Rozendaal and manufactured by the pottery factory Petrus Regout & Co in


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